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10 Of The Best Law Firm Websites You've Ever Seen

The 10 Best Law Firm Websites On The Internet In 2022

There are many great law firm websites out there, and we’re always on the lookout for the best. We’ve scoured the internet for law firm websites that we think are some of the best we’ve ever seen. There’s no way we can cover all the websites on the internet, so I’m sure we missed a […]

Priorities to make the right choice

How You Should Prioritize Where You Get Online Reviews For Your Local Business

Once you have your business profiles complete and optimized, reviews are the next most important thing for you to focus on. Online reviews keep your business profile fresh with regular new content. They also help you rank for more keywords because your customers write things you wouldn’t think to write about your business. But reviews […]

10 Plumbing Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

The 10 Best Plumbing Websites On The Internet In 2022

Plumbing is probably the last thing you’d think of when it comes to amazing design. There are plenty of plumbing websites out there that will blow your mind, though. While the goal of a plumbing website isn’t to blow visitors minds, it should be able to meet the goal of ranking the plumber in local […]

WordPress New Post

The Difference Between a Post and Page On WordPress

The main goal of WordPress is to publish and manage content on the internet. That means a website with lots of different types of content. And WordPress does a spectacular job of making it easy to publish and manage content. That’s why it’s the #1 Content Management System (CMS). There are four main types of […]

Free Yard Care Service Marketing Websites

11 Websites To Market Your Yard Care Service For Free

Running your yard care business is a lot of work. You don’t have a lot of extra time to waste on marketing either. Well, it’s not really a waste, you know, but you still don’t have time for it. Unless you want to grow your yard care service. Then you need to move beyond direct […]

Best Cleaning Service Website

The 10 Best Cleaning Service Websites On The Internet In 2022

We scoured the internet for the best cleaning services website on the internet. We searched for the best websites in many industries, but this was the most difficult. There were entire cities in the US that didn’t have a single good cleaning service website. But, after searching high and low for some time, we found […]

Compress Images for Your WordPress Website

What You Must Know About Optimizing Images For A WordPress Website

Images can be a huge burden on how fast a website loads. They’re typically the largest item on a typical website. Video would be the largest, but it’s not as common and likely wouldn’t be on every page. Because images are so prevalent, they’re the biggest culprit for making web pages slow. That’s exactly why […]

Rank Your Business For More Keywords In Local Search With Reviews

Rank Your Business For More Keywords In Local Search With Reviews

Do potential customers find your business when they search for what you do? If you haven’t gone through the proper steps to rank then your customers will never find you. For example, if you’re an HVAC company in Boulder, CO, and you type “heater repair boulder co” in Google do you even show up? If […]

Free Food Truck Marketing Websites

7 Free Websites To Market Your Food Truck

Every food truck needs to be found wherever it is. After you have a great food truck website, more marketing is needed to really get found in your town. This list of websites will make it easy to get your food truck found when people are searching in your city. These websites are free to […]

Web design & graphic design differences

Web Design and Graphic Design Are Drastically Different

Our focus at Loclweb is affordable web design for local businesses, we’re close to the web design industry. We are constantly analyzing what works, doesn’t work, and what others are doing. That means we know what other web designers are doing, whether their focus is the same as ours or not. There’s a trend in […]

Free Multimedia Resources for Website Design

Free Multimedia Resources For Your Website Project

This list of free multimedia resources is for business owners who are working on a new website. That is either a new website or redesigning it. It’s also useful for web designers who want to add to their resources to build websites better. Most web designers won’t provide all the content you need for your […]

Real Estate Agent standing in front of a city skyline.

8 Websites To Market Your Real Estate Business For Free

Being a real estate agent not only means you have to be a master of marketing, it also means you have to get yourself out there at every opportunity. That means you need to take every opportunity to grow your real estate business. Luckily, there are some pretty simple places you can start online to […]

Content You Should Provide Your Website Designer

The Content You Need To Provide Your Web Designer

When you’re working with a web designer, the lines of who does what are somewhat blurred. Some web designer have a background in graphic design while others may specialize in User Experience (UX). Expertise and specialization cross a broad spectrum. No specialization is better than any other but you need to know what to expect […]

Promote your accounting service online

11 Websites You Must Promote Your Accounting Service On

Getting the word out of your accounting service can be a challenge sometimes. Especially when you’re just getting started. It doesn’t have to be, though. You’re always looking for simple ways to get more customers online, right? These websites are the place you need to start by creating free listings. Many of these websites assume […]

Website Maintenance

Everything You Need To Know About Website Maintenance

The cost of maintaining a website can range anywhere from $10/month on some very basic platforms all the way to $300+/month for complex corporate websites, eCommerce websites, or complex CMS setups. That doesn’t even count hosting which could be considered part of the necessary maintenance of a website. Without hosting your website is nothing after […]

Website directories to promote your cleaning servic

11 Websites You Should Promote Your Cleaning Service On

If you’re looking for new clients (and what business isn’t?) then these are some websites you should definitely use to your advantage. Not only is having a professional and effective cleaning service website essential but listing your business on the most important directories is also essential. That’s what I’m here to assist you with today. […]

The cost of running a WordPress website.

The Cost Of Running A WordPress Website

The cost of a WordPress website is complex. The underlying software is open-source and completely free to anyone. Running a WordPress website is anything but free, though. There are costs involved in running a WordPress website even if you do most of it yourself. There are things you simply can’t (or at least shouldn’t) do […]

Local Business Home Page Above the Fold Essentials

8 Essential Above The Fold Pieces For A Successful Local Business Home Page

These essentials that every local business home page must include above the fold will help you rank better and get more customers. Making assumptions is a dangerous faux pas for any website. Going through these essentials and making sure your home page sticks to them will help your local business website succeed. There are several […]

Girls on mobile phone looking for local business to shop at.

What Every Local Business Needs To Get More Customers

As a local business, you’re a valuable part of a tight-knit community of neighbors and other local businesses. You rely on both being part of the community to improve/expand your reputation and be the go-to resource by neighbors. In other words, you want people to look to you for your expertise. That might mean you […]

9 Websites Auto Repair Shops Should Market Themselves On

9 Websites Auto Repair Shops Should Market Themselves On

You’re always looking for ways to bring in more customers to your auto repair shop, we get it. That’s the drill when you own a business, and it’s your responsibility to drive more traffic. You may already know that starting with a well-optimized and nice-looking auto repair shop website is essential. We did some looking […]

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