The 10 Best Massage Therapist Websites On The Internet In 2022

The 10 Best Massage Therapist Websites On The Internet

We’re back at it again with a list of the best massage therapist websites on the internet. These lists are extremely helpful for each industry we compile them for. They’re great for inspiration, learning, and calling out those companies that have invested in their marketing the right way.

Each one of these websites has done a number of things right in order to create one of the best websites of their industry. When we review websites across the United States and sometimes beyond, we review many different aspects of a great website. A pretty website isn’t always the best website, though it’s an important part of it.

When we reviewed massage therapist websites we kept these things in mind:

  • Aesthetics: just a fancy way to say pretty and browsable.
  • Conversion Optimization: How easy is it for visitors to find what to do and do it? You know, convert into a customer!
  • Social Proof: Reviews and testimonials are the lifeblood of social proof, they show that others love this business too.
  • Information: How easy is it to find information and scan the website?

Each one of these websites did a great job at most aspects of being a great website. Because no website is entirely perfect, they didn’t necessarily hit all the marks, but they did a good enough job. We’ll point out what could have been improved when necessary and also what was done exceptionally well.

If you’re getting ideas for your own massage therapy website, enjoy! We’re always here for you if you’re looking for an affordable web design agency that can build you an amazing website that will help you rank in searches and look amazing online too.

The Best Massage Therapist Websites

For each of these amazing massage therapist websites, we captured a screenshot of the desktop home page at the top. This is the above-the-fold content and it’s essential for the overall website.

Because there’s more to a website than just the desktop version and also the top, we’re also providing a link so you can see the website in its entirety and browse around. Keep in mind that websites do change, though. That’s why we captured a screenshot, so you can see it as we saw it.

If a website has changed for the worse then you’ll know if the screen capture doesn’t match the website today. If that’s the case, we’ll soon weed it out as we revisit this article yearly to make sure we always have the best massage therapist websites.

So, browse on and enjoy these magnificent massage therapist websites. Get inspired and gather ideas for your own website so you can also have a well-built website that hits all the important marks of a great website.

Jardin’s Magical Hands – Sacramento, CA

Jardin's Magical Hands - Sacramento, CA

It’s hard to tell from the screenshot above, but this website is actually quite pleasing and fits the industry well. Even though the top is a bit basic, it still has a good call to action that stands out. That makes it an excellent header that has just the right information without too much extra.

The magic of the website’s aesthetic comes in as you scroll down. The backgrounds are subtle and create a cohesive brand that prepares you for a nice massage. The website is clearly laid out without an overwhelming amount of information and it has everything a visitor could need.

Massage Escapes – Phoenix, AZ

Massage Escapes - Phoenix, AZ

This website has cohesive branding that looks great and provides a decent amount of contrast for its main call to action. Not only that, it’s easy to find their phone number. One wish we have is that the menu was a bit decluttered and the social icons were gone from the top and moved to the bottom. It doesn’t make sense to bring people away from your business to another platform.

Overall the website is great and the whole page is nice looking as you scroll with a clear message that isn’t overwhelming with garbage.

Studio 89 Massage – Oklahoma City, OK

Studio 89 Massage - Oklahoma City, OK

There’s no call to action in the header on this website but that’s perfectly fine. You can’t miss their main call to action at the top and the header remains nice and clean. As you scroll down the site, the information is clearly laid out and easy to scan.

Therapeutic Connections – Flowood, MS

Therapeutic Connections - Flowood, MS

Giant navigation and clear messages with an even clearer call to action. Love it!

There is a huge wall of text but that doesn’t matter, the most important information is large and the call to action is easy to see. Because of that, the details are there for those who want them but it’s not necessary to read. The color scheme as you scroll is beautiful and all the information is clearly laid out. This is an effective website with everything needed to be successful and get more massage customers.

Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage – Huntington Woods, MI

Dustin Palmer Bodywork & Massage - Huntington Woods, MI

The call to action on this website isn’t quite as high as we’d like it, but it’s still very close. That paired with the clean look of this website makes it a great website that represents this massage therapist well. It also helps that this website makes use of plenty of social proof to prove its trust.

All the important information is available on this website and it’s easy to scan. Overall there’s a lot to like about the clean, organized, and trustworthy look of this website.

Revelation Massage – Lewiston, ME

Revelation Massage - Lewiston, ME

It almost feels like I got a massage after scrolling through this website. Either that or perhaps I just finished a really good medication. The look is peaceful and stress-free to view. There’s an easy-to-find call to action right at the top and everything is so readable. I can scroll down the website quickly and learn about the business and then see what others think too.

The only thing they could use is another call to action at the bottom so that after I’m done relaxing my eyes look at their website, I can book a massage.

Rehoboth Massage & Alignment – Rehoboth Beach, DE

Rehoboth Massage & Alignment - Rehoboth Beach, DE

The consistency and peacefulness of this website make it another great website for a massage therapist. The color scheme fits well and its consistency makes it easy on the eyes too. Overall they could have done a bit better with the call to action as it seems to constantly change with each screen. The information is still presented well and you can book from their website, it’s just not the first thing you see.

Knead It Or Knot Massage – Huntersville, NC

Knead It Or Knot Massage - Huntersville, NC

You’ll find a friendly and smiling face representing on this website which is always nice to see. It’s nice to see a demo video also. If you can’t figure out how to book an appointment, I don’t know what more could be done to help you. That’s great and the testimonials make you want to book that appointment now.

This is a nicely put-together website that has nice aesthetics. It could have used a bit more breathing room with white space throughout the page but it’s still for the most part very readable.

Healing Hands Massage Therapy – North Royalton, OH

Healing Hands Massage Therapy - North Royalton, OH

While this wasn’t our absolute favorite of the best massage therapist websites, it still has a good basic framework. They need a bit of focus on the call to action at the top but you can find more info pretty quickly with just a quick scroll. It’s helpful that there’s plenty of information about the service they provide and the cost too so people don’t have to go hunting or call to get that info.

Ideal Massage – Wesley Chapel, FL

Ideal Massage - Wesley Chapel, FL

If you’re not relaxed after watching this website for a while then you’re way too stressed out. The colors are nice too with contrast that helps make important information stand out, including their call to action. They have two locations but they did a good job making it easy to find the information for the location you’re looking for.

Their website has most of everything a good website needs but not quite. Social proof is an essential piece and if it was there, it wasn’t very obvious.

Wrap Up

As you browse the best massage therapist websites on the internet we hope you got ideas and are inspired for your own website. Whether you’re building it yourself or having someone else do it for you, these examples will give you a good direction.

These websites are good examples but they are just examples. None of them is perfect but they all have done an excellent job with their website. They understand the importance of their website in being found, building trust, and acting as an essential marketing tool that they own.

If you want a great-looking massage therapist website too, we can build your practice a professional and affordable custom website. Our process ensures that we get to know your area, business, and more to help build you a website that ranks well in local searches and makes it easy for visitors to convert into clients.

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