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Choose the custom affordable website plan that fits your needs. We'll get your local business noticed online without you having to lift a finger.




$44 / month + $399 sign-up


$44 / month + $599 sign-up


$44 / month + $899 sign-up

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages do I need?

Most local small business websites will be fine with 5 pages. We've created some examples of these 5-page websites so you can see if they'll fit your needs.

If you're still not sure, we've written a document that can help you decide how many pages you need.

We also will give you 2 free pages for your website that we believe are essential, the privacy policy and terms of service. Because we're not lawyers, we can't provide these pages but if you provide us the policy, we'll gladly set them up for no additional charge. We recommend you work with one to create each of these pages but there are also free generators for each on the internet.

If you have questions about how many pages you may need, please contact us.

What's included in the unlimited minor updates?

Most changes that a small local business needs to make is included in the unlimited minor updates.

Here are some examples of what's included:

  • Change your hours.
  • Change your address/contact information.
  • Add a picture (or few pictures) to a gallery you already have.

Here are some things that are not included:

  • Create a new page.
  • Change the name of your business across all pages and the domain.
  • Reorganize all pages and navigation.
Why do I have to pay monthly?

Part of what makes our website so valuable is that we include everything you need to run an awesome website.

Every website plan includes the following on top of us building you a custom website:

  • Premium hosting
  • Premium real-time security
  • Unlimited updates
  • Uncomparable premium features
  • Speed optimization
  • Domain
  • Security certificate
  • Website support & document repository

All these alone would cost you over $1,000 per year. We include them in every website we build and we manage your website for you (while still enabling you to do anything you'd like).

What if I don't like the website you create?

You will, we promise. If in the off chance you don't love modern, optimized, and effective local websites then we will do what it takes until you love it. Yes, that even means we will refund your money if it comes to that.

We offer a guarantee on every website we build and we hope you love your website as much as we are passionate about helping your business succeed.

What's Included In Every Plan, Every Month

Making sure your website is well maintained, running fast, and always up-to-date is a monumental task. We're up to it though which is why we include absolutely everything to make sure your website stays awesome. We roll all the premium features provided in every affordable website plan into one monthly fee. We don't mess around with cheap solutions, we do it intelligently to make it affordable and easy for you.

Fast Website Hosting
Fast Hosting

Your website will be fast starting with great hosting.

Real-Time Website Security
Real-Time Security

We monitoring traffic and block the bad guys.

Unlimited Website Updates
Unlimited Updates

Request as many minor updates as you'd like.

Premium Website Features
Premium Features

Your website has features worth over $1,000/year.

Speed Optimized
Speed Optimized

We regularly test and optimize for speed.

Free Domain Registration Included
Domain Included

Your domain registration is included.

Free Website SSL Security Certificate
Security Certificate

Your website security certificate is included.

Responsive Support
Responsive Support

We're here to help answer your questions, quickly.

Daily Website Backups
Daily Backups

We regularly test and optimize for speed.

Unlimited Visitors and Bandwidth

No visitor or bandwidth limits, ever.

Speed Optimized
Fast CDN

Every website is fast worldwide with Cloudflare.

Anti-Spam Network
Anti-Spam Network

We work hard to ensure you aren't bombarded by spam.

Want to see the many great things that make our websites so amazing?

We do more than build you a website. We take care of absolutely every aspect of your website for you. Our affordable websites are powerful and packed with features that make your website amazing. Take a look yourself.