Custom Affordable Website Plans

Find the right website plan for your local small business. We'll build and manage your entire website so you can run your business.

Yearly Monthly


$44 / month + $399 sign-up$49 / month + $399 sign-up


$44 / month + $599 sign-up$49 / month + $599 sign-up


$62 / month + $899 sign-up$69 / month + $899 sign-up

Single-Page Website

A single-page website is sometimes sufficient if you don't have much content and want an extremely simple website. We can build and manage a beautiful and affordable one-page website for you. You'll own your business presence online while you prepare to grow your business more.

$49 / month + $299 sign-up
$44 / month paid yearly

See what our happy clients say about us...

Loclweb was an absolutely amazing asset to me finally getting my website in professional working order and able to launch! They are very knowledgeable about web design, and delivers effective strategies to help you drive customers to your site and your business.

Mara K.

Colorado Pet Sitter & Walker

Answers To Common Questions

Most local small business websites will be fine with 5 pages. We put together some examples of these 5-page websites to give you an idea what your website might need.

If you're still not sure, this help document may help you decide how many pages you need.

We also include several free pages that don't count against your website total count. These are pages like the privacy policy, terms of service, sitemap, and even the blog pages. Those are all free and don't count against you at all.

It's up to you to provide us the content for your privacy policy and terms of service. We're not lawyers and can't provide what you need. We will generate your sitemap (HTML & XML) and blog pages with three filler blog posts.

If you have questions about how many pages you may need, please contact us.

Most changes that a small local business needs to make is included in the unlimited minor updates.

Here are some examples of what's included:

  • Change your hours.
  • Change your address/contact information.
  • Add a picture (or a few pictures) to a gallery you already have.

Here are some things that are not included:

  • Create a new page.
  • Change the name of your business across all pages and the domain.
  • Reorganize all pages and navigation.

Part of what makes our website so valuable is that we include everything you need to run an awesome website. Other designers leave you high and dry with an insecure website, no visibility, and they're impossible to reach for help.

Every website we build comes with absolutely everything you need. They include the following on top of us building you a custom website:

Everything we include would cost you over $96-$130 per month and you get it all included for $49-$69 per month or less! We manage your website for you (while still giving you tons of freedom with your website).

You will, we're confident of that.

If in the rare chance you don't like your website, then you shouldn't have to pay for it.  We have a 100% unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don't like your website then we'll refund every penny you paid without a complex refund process. You just have to let us know within 30 days, and we'll issue a full refund.

What's Included In Every Affordable Website Plan, Every Month

Making sure your website is well maintained, running fast, and always up-to-date is a monumental task. We're up to it, though, which is why we include absolutely everything to make sure your website stays awesome. We roll all the premium features provided in every plan into one monthly fee. We don't mess around with cheap solutions, we do it intelligently to make it affordable and worry-free for you.

We're extremely transparent with our pricing, and we never want you to have to deal with a salesperson. Everything you need, we provide in one place and break down why the pricing works the way it does. Our goal is to be the simplest website designer ever with no confusion in what you need to do and what you need to come with (nothing).

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Website loading in less than 1 second!

Most of the websites we build and host load in less than 1 second. Unless you make us build it slow (lots of images, videos, etc.), we build it fast which means better rank for you and more customers.

Fast Website Hosting
Fast Hosting

Your website will be fast, built on Google's Cloud Platform.

Real-Time Website Security
Real-Time Security

We monitor traffic and block the bad guys.

Unlimited Website Updates
Unlimited Updates

Request as many minor updates as you'd like.

Premium Website Features
Premium Features

Your website has features worth over $1,000/year.

Speed Optimized
Speed Optimized

We regularly test and optimize for speed.

Free Domain Registration Included
Domain Included

Your domain registration is included.

Free Website SSL Security Certificate
Security Certificate

Your website security certificate is included.

Responsive Support
Responsive Support

We're here to help answer your questions, quickly.

Daily Website Backups
Daily Backups

Your website is backed up daily in multiple locations.

Unlimited Visitors and Bandwidth

No visitor or bandwidth limits, ever.

Speed Optimized
Fast CDN

Every website is crazy fast with Google Cloud CDN & DNS.

Anti-Spam Network
Anti-Spam Network

We work hard to ensure you aren't bombarded by spam.

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