Become A Loclweb Affiliate

Become a Loclweb affiliate and there's no limit to how much cash you can earn. Bring us a client once and we'll keep paying you as long as they're a client!

We have many affordable website plans that are built specifically for local small businesses that make it easier for you to earn income on your referrals.

Get limitless recurring revenue by becoming a Loclweb affiliate.

The Benefits Of Being A Loclweb Affiliate

Recurring Income

You won't just earn the first time you refer a new client. You'll keep earning every month.

We pay you every time your referral pays us. Your hard work in referring clients to us should keep paying.

Residual Income
Infinite Income

Unlimited Referral Fees

We won't cut you off at all. If you earn the referral then you get the money no matter what.

If you bring us a new client then we'll bring you ongoing revenue. Our service is subscription based and you will get a piece of that.


See how you're doing in real-time. You can see how many referrals you've made and how much you're earning each month.

Simple Dashboard
Generous Payout and Recurring Too

Generous Payouts

For every website plan referral you make, you get a percentage of the signup fee and monthly recurring fee!

For every conversion, get 20% of every sign-up you refer and 20% every month for the lifetime of the client!

Answers you may have to questions about the Loclweb affiliate program.

Anybody can join but we think it's perfect for a few specific groups of people. Because we do custom website design this is a great affiliate program for other web designers.

But why?

Because as a web designer you probably work only with clients who have a larger budget. You know, somewhere between $1,500 and $10,000.

What about those people who expect a whole website for under $1,000? They're not often worth it to you and will end up costing more than they're worth.

The only other alternative for them was to use a do it yourself platform such as Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. That's not easy for most people, though, and they'll end up harming their online presence more than helping.

There was no option for them to get a custom website that's not based on a template until we figured out how do do it affordably and still make (a little) money.

So, those low-value clients you previously only got a small one-time referral fee for or just said not to can now lead to a great side income for you. You can earn a great payout plus recurring revenue for as long as the client pays.

So, we're perfect for web designers who work with high budget clients but get many low budget leads (who doesn't right!?)

Payments are made on the 15th of every month for approved referrals. Each referral you make is immediately placed into our system as pending. The referral will be marked as approved once the grace period has passed which is 30 days for sign-up fees.

The reason for this grace period is that we have a 30-day guarantee. While we haven't had anybody use the guarantee yet, we do need this grace period to pass before we can release the payment for the referral.

Referrals you earn from recurring client fees will be approved without the 30-day grace period once the 30-day grace period from sign up passes. The 30-day grace period is only for new clients because of our guarantee.

There's also a $50 minimum for referral payout to our affiliates. The good news there is that will happen on your first referral. After that, you will get a payout any time you reach $50.

Applications are typically approved within about 5 business days but often much quicker.

Once you're approved you will be able to sign into the affiliate area to create links and more.

We don't take any taxes out for you. That means you're responsible for paying any applicable taxes on your earnings.

When you make your first commission we will require you to fill out tax documents so we can report your earnings. It is your responsibility to also report those earnings (you are considered a 1099 contractor) and pay taxes accordingly.

If your earnings are less than $600 for the year from the Loclweb affiliate program we will not file a 1099. It is still, however, your responsibility to report all your earnings to the IRS.

Payout Chart

These are examples of the highest payout for each website plan. They do not account for discounts, coupons, bundles, or yearly payment plans.

Website Plans

Starter $79.80 $9.80
Premium $119.80 $9.80
eCommerce $179.80 $13.80

Extras do not currently initiate any affiliate payouts.

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