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Your business blog is an important way to communicate with consumers and help them learn more about you. Not only that, it will help your website rank better in search engines. That means more visitors to turn into leads!

When you purchase a website it's easy to add custom blog pages design onto your order. We'll make sure all your blog pages are completely custom for your business.

Not only will your blog pages look amazing, your business will stand out. We'll make sure your business makes a great first impression by adding a beautiful custom blog pages design to your website from us.

Custom Layout For Your Entire Blog

We won't just design a custom blog post page, we'll make sure every page of your blog is fully custom.

  • Blog Post

    Your post pages can be customized to look exactly how you want and include precisely the information you want to be seen on blog posts.

  • Category Page

    Categories will be easy to navigate and find all related blog posts. The content page will fit the overall styling of other pages on your blog.

Custom Blog Pages Design
  • Archive Page

    Your main blog archive pages will fit the overall style of your website and be easy to navigate all your blogs archives.

  • Tag Page

    Each tag from your blog posts will get its own page with all related blog posts listed. The tag page will be consistent with the rest of your blog pages.

Custom Blog Pages Price


How Do You Get It?

Adding extras to your custom website is easy. Choose the best website plan for you and checkout. At the final checkout screen, you can choose extras for your website to add functionality that you need.

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