Our Custom Affordable Website Design Process

As soon as you decide on the right affordable website plan for you, we're ready to build your website. We go through a thorough design process to make sure not a single thing is forgotten.


We'll gather everything we need to get started building your new custom website. As soon as you provide us everything we need, the countdown begins.

This is what we will need from you. We'll provide the links or location where you can upload content in your client portal.

The new website questionnaire filled out (we'll send this to you)
Written content for each page (titles, copy, etc.)
Original high-resolution images that you own.
Stock photos you've chosen within your website plan (or paid for extras) limits.
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It Begins

This is where the design process begins for your new website. All your information will be handed off to a real web designer who's highly skilled in digital marketing and search engine optimization. It's not handed off to a low-skilled, low-paid intern or someone who doesn't know the ins and outs of the internet. We'll start setting everything up and getting your website built based on the content and design guidance you've provided us. We can do a lot with a little so so don't worry about making your content look good, we'll take care of that.

Your website is designed by a highly skilled web designer with expertise in digital marketing and search engine optimization, never someone with minimal website expertise.

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Design & Develop

Because we work fast and efficient we've combined our design and development process into one. We'll design the first draft of your website and make minor iterations based on the draft until you're happy with the final website.

This is what you can expect during this step of the process.

Review your style guide including sitemap.
Provide feedback quickly during design & development.
The delivery date will change if there are delays in feedback.

Resources To Help During Design & Development

These resources will help you get what you need together during the discovery stage.


After your website is complete and you've approved the final design, time to move towards launch. We will organize the necessary steps to launch your website to the world.

These are the steps we perform (some in conjunction with you)  to launch your website to the world.

Redirect old URLs to the new URLs.
Change Name Servers or DNS (if existing domain).
Connect or create Google Analytics.
Connect or create Google Search Console domain property.
Configure CDN for a faster and more secure website.
Configure SSL for a trusted and secure website.

Resources To Help During Launch

These resources will help you take the steps you need during the launch phase.

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As your website design and development are wrapping up it's time for you to get the keys. We'll give you a few documents along with a login for your website.

These are what you can expect at the handover.

We'll give you full access to your account on your website.
We'll set up your weekly reporting.
Open your website to the public (or switch from your old website).

Project Completion

After the project handover, your project is complete! We'll make sure you have everything you need for your website and had a good experience too.

We'll follow up with a few requests from you to see how everything went.

You'll receive a PDF of the basic style guide we used.
You'll receive any relevant notes about your new website.
Please answer the end of project questionaire.
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