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SEO is a broad term and for local small businesses, SEO is very different than SEO for the broader internet. In fact, local SEO is an entire industry of its own with completely different goals and tactics.

This page will help you understand how we work with local SEO to help your local small business rank better on the internet. We hope to answer the question on what we do for your local website SEO.

Local SEO For Your Local Business

Local SEO Is Very Different Than General SEO

We're experts in building local websites that are fully optimized for local ranking. That means we do on-site SEO with a local focus. That typically means we optimize your website extremely well for one industry and one city. That doesn't mean you'll only rank for that, though. If you have services you offer within your industry then those will rank also. Likewise, if you serve a main city and several surrounding cities, you likely will also rank for some of those cities also.

Local SEO is very different than general SEO to the point that local SEO is its own topic, not just a sub-topic of SEO. That's why we focus on building your affordable local small business website with local SEO in mind.

Here's what we do to optimize your website for local searches.

Title Tag

We optimize your home page title tag to reach the best local audience for your business. Enhanced Site SEO includes title tag optimization for your entire website.

Meta Description

Your home page is optimized with a keyword-rich meta-description that searchers will love. With Enhanced Site SEO, we'll optimize meta descriptions on every page of your website.

Structured Data

We'll put in place the right structured data for your small business. This ensure search understand all about your business which means more accuracy and better placement in search results.

Internal Linking

Linking your pages together where relevent in the content helps search engines understand your content and business better. General navigation isn't enough, internal linking is essential.


Your website will load fast for visitors and search engines. We make sure your site is as optimized as possible for speed which is an SEO ranking factor.


We implement several different security measures to make sure your website is secure and search engines know it. Sucurity of your visitors and you is essential to our mission.

Mobile First

Visitors are search engine's #1 priority which is why they're our #1 priority when designing a mobile-friendly website for your business that search engines will also love.


After we're done you'll have two sitemaps to make sure visitors and search engines fully understand your website. You'll get an XML and HTML sitemap that will update automatically if you add content to your website.

Take Your Website's Local SEO Further

We do a lot for your website as it is but there's always more that can be done even on the website itself. That's why we offer Enhanced Site SEO which takes your website's local SEO efforts further.

Full Site Title Optimization
Full Site Description Optimization
Search Console Setup

Instant Indexing Setup

Followup Indexing Review

Local SEO Beyond Your Website

SEO (even Local SEO) happens beyond your website too. We do a lot for your business's Local SEO but there are some things you need to do also. SEO is an ongoing process so these tips will help you perfect Local SEO for your local small business.

Offsite Do-It-Yourself Checklist

This list will improve the rank of your business in search engines.

Ask customers to leave a review on Google.
Hint that customer's can share their experience on Yelp (don't ask for reviews!)
Ask groups you sponsor for a link to your business website.
Create business profiles on specialty directories for your industry.
Do something newsworthy to the local news (big donation, help out, etc.)
Create a scholorship from your business for a local school.
Host a community event (BBQ, free education event, etc.)
Join your local chamber of commerce and get a free link too.
Ask for a link on a vendor website that you sell.
Create a press release.
Write a blog post for another local business that complements yours.

Get more details on some of these methods in our How To Get Your First Local Small Business Website Links blog post.

Recommended Local SEO Tools & Services

These are some helpful Local SEO tools and services that may help improve your local SEO ranking.

  • Hike SEO

    Hike SEO offers great DIY SEO tools and software for all businesses but also includes many Local SEO tools.

  • Whitespark

    Whitespark is a Local SEO company that focuses on Google Business Profile and citation building.

  • BrightLocal

    BrightLocal focuses on reputation management, local rank tracking, and citation building.

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