Your new website is done. It’s ready for visitors to come pouring in. Google knows about your website, it has started indexing some pages, now what?

The reality is that even if Google knows about your website and starts indexing pages, they’re not likely to rank high. You can share your website on social media but that’s only going to get yo so far.

Your website needs to rank in searches for customers to find it. Your content is great, it’s optimized for local searches but there’s one more key thing you need to start ranking higher in searches.


Even for local searches links are essential for ranking higher in search results. For a local business that means you need to have some local authority.

Links from local websites are going to boost your website. The most valuable links are going to be other websites that serve your local community.

These tips will help you get local links from valuable sources that are guaranteed to provide a boost for your business.

8 Local Links Strategies

These are what you should be doing to get valuable local links for your business. They hold local sway and will help you rank in local searches even more.

These are ranked from most effective to least effective. You should find the best balance for you with what’s easiest vs the how high in the list it is which will give you more benefits.

1) Local News Features

There are few things more powerful than being featured in a new article for a local news organization. That means you get mentioned or written about and the article is posted online with a link to your business.

That’s valuable.

Getting featured in a TV segment is cool but unless people go out and Google you after that, it’s not going to do you much good. It should be written and there should be a link.

The next best thing if you can’t get a link is to have some sort of contact information cited on the page too. That could mean it has your business phone number or maybe address.

2) Local Education Sites

This one is also very powerful because education websites often hold a lot of sway in the local community. They’re often at the center of the community in many ways.

If you create a good resource that fits into an education websites content, ask them if they’d like to link to it. If you can get that link then your website is going to get a huge authority boost in the eyes of search engines.

You could even start a local scholarship for a college. That will guarantee that they link to your website because they often have scholarship resource pages. You could even sponsor a school event and they may mention and link to your website on the event page.

3) Sponsor A Local Event

There are constantly local events for cities and counties in every area across the United States. You can usually sponsor any of these events and get your logo included on the event material.

Not only that but sometimes you may even get a link on the event page for sponsoring an event. These are local events with local authority and will often get you an authoritative local link to your website.


4) Other Local Businesses

This one could be a bit more tricky because they’re a business after all. You’re not likely at all to get a link to a competing business but there’s plenty of opportunity for businesses that complement yours.

It may be as simple as writing a review for a local business who then loves that review and posts it on their website. If they include a link to the person who left the review (you!) for authority then you just scored.

You can either go for the review link or provide a valuable local resources that work well for another local businesses website as a resource.

5) Host a Community Event

Everyone loves free stuff. They’ll also share the crap out of free stuff on social media.

If you can tie these both together then you could get a massive amount of hype on social media for an event page on your website. While these are almost always nofollow links (not as powerful as dofollow) they are still from a local audience and will help you.

Heck, your community event could get picked up by local news which could give you some local link power. It’s a great way to connect with the local community and build some local notoriety too.

6) Local Chamber of Commerce

This is one of the easiest links you could get aside from a local business directory. It’s usually only one link but it’s for a local chamber of commerce in your city which is great for you.

Make sure you’re a member and you’ll get a listing in the business directory which is often a dofollow link. That can be powerful especially if your competitors don’t have one. Even if they do have one, that’s a great case for you to also become a member!

7) General Business Directories (General Citation Sites)

This one is the most common yet often overlooked because it can be tedious. Your business should be listed on absolutely ever local business directory that makes sense for your business.

This will help give you the basic links you need and added up together then can have a big impact. This one is so easy to do that it’s a must do. Yes, it can be tedious but with good local marketing automation software that can take the pain out of it.

One thing that business listings management software will help you do is keep your business up-to-date. This is essential for continuing to rank well and keeping tabs on how well your listings are performing for you.

You can create them all and manage them all yourself but they will get out of hand. It’s best to leave it up to software that can manage it all for you and ensure things are often updated. It’s no good creating listings and leaving them outdated. You should be updating them at least once a month with fresh updates and content.

8) Local Business Directories (Local Area Citation Sites)

There are many local business directories out there for the state and even local cities your business is located in. These can be an important method of establishing your business locally and getting a somewhat valuable backlink to your business. It’s not going to boost you to the top but every bit moves the needle a little.

Check out this BrightLocal blog post that lays out ALL the top citation sites in every US state. Just click on your state and it’ll jump down to a list of the top citation sites for your state and whether it’s free to list your business, paid, or if they have free and paid options.

Links Away!

Hopefully, this gave you some great ideas for getting those first links for your website. The most powerful links might not always be the best place for you to start. They will give you the most powerful boost though.

Sometimes it’s easier to start at the bottom and work your way up because those at the bottom are the easiest and almost a necessity for having a basic foundation of links for your local small business website.

Here’s how I’d approach my first links built:

  • Directory listings as many places as I could get them.
  • Join the local chamber of commerce.
  • Sponsor an event.
  • Get featured in local news.
  • Create something valuable for a local education website.
  • Write a review for another local business.
  • Host a community event.

They’ll all helpful but some more than others. You have to weight what works for you what comes down to ease of getting the link and effectiveness of the link. Some are necessary but others might be more powerful.

Good luck link building now go out there and rank high in your local community!

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