Create A New Google Business Profile Post In Loclmark

Loclmark makes it a breeze to post Google Business Profile posts right from your dashboard.

Yes, it’s easy to post in the Google Business Profile dashboard too but can GBP do this?

  • Repost the post after it expires.
  • Schedule a post for a later day.

No, it can’t do either of those which is why you should be posting everything through Loclmark. It’s an easier and more powerful way to manage your Google Business Profile posts and get seen by more local customers.

Posts have an impact on your local ranking so be sure to keep up on them. Loclmark makes it easy to follow along to make your first post and help you manage them easier.

Post Your First Promotional Post In Google Business Profile

You’ll need to be logged into your Loclmark dashboard and have your Google Business Profile connected to your dashboard. Once you’ve done that then you can get started making your first GBP post from Loclmark.

First steps are to access promotional posts and create a new post.

Creating a new post in Loclmark.

Step 1: Click the Posts tab in Loclmark.

Step 2: Click the Create New Post button.

Now for the fun of creating the perfect post that captures attention and is beneficial to your customer. Spend most of your time here making things perfectly clear to your customer.

Keep in mind that they may not know what your business does so be clear, don’t speak jargon, and layout the benefit to them in clear terms. Also, be sure to write a good call to action directing your customer to do something.

Creating a new post for Google My Business through Loclmark.

Step 3: Write something really catchy and good. Keep it focused on your customers and even though you have 1500 characters, don’t try to use them all. Google recommends you stick to between 150-300 characters. Google has a short guide about making a great business post.

Step 4: Choose an image to upload to your post. Posts with good images will always perform better than posts without images.

Step 5: Choose if you’d like to add a call to action (CTA). Select this option will enable the following two options. If you don’t select or want a CTA then skip stepping 8.

Step 6: Choose a button for your CTA from the drop-down list. The following CTA buttons are available.

  • Book
  • Order
  • Shop
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Get Offer

Step 7: Put in the URL where users will go when they click on your chosen CTA button. This doesn’t have to be your home page. In fact, it should be a page that relates to your CTA.

Step 8: Select this box if your post is for an event. Event posts cannot be reposted and have a beginning date/time and an end date/time. Selecting this option enables the next two steps. If you are not creating an event, skip to step 11.

Step 9: Type in a short and descriptive title for your event. Something like “Sale this week” is sufficient, but even more catch is a benefit that customers get if they go to the event.

Step 10: Choose the day and time for the beginning and end of your event.

Step 11: Choose this option if you are posting a post rather than an event, and it will repost after the expiration of the post. Google Business Profile posts expire after seven days. You will get an error if you try to select this option with an event.

Step 12: Information coming soon…

Step 13: Choose to post now or schedule the post for later. If you choose later, choose a date for the post.

Step 14: Click the Submit Post button.

Note: If you are scheduling this post, then you can go back and edit it before the scheduled date. Once it’s posted you will not be able to edit it.

That’s it! Your Google Business Profile post has been posted. Now you can see your active posts, edit or delete scheduled posts, and see how posts perform, or view scheduled posts. All this information is available from the Promotional Posts tab in Loclmark.

Review Scheduled Posts & Post Analytics

The post I created above was a scheduled post. This section will continue to the post and how you can edit and delete scheduled posts before their scheduled time.

Here’s how to do that.

View post analytics and view all active, scheduled, and expired posts.

Step 15: Click the Scheduled Posts tab.

Option 16: Click the Edit this message link to open the post edit screen (just like creating a post) and modify it before the scheduled time.

Option 17: Click the Delete Message link to remove the scheduled post and permanently delete it.

Step 18: Click the Expired Posts tab to view all posts in the past. You can also review their individual analytics.

Step 19: Click the Active Posts tab to see the active post or posts (you can have more than one post active at a time) and its performance.

The first section below the Promotional Posts title shows your post’s overall statistics for the period of time selected in the drop-down. You can view important analytics such as total post views and total post clicks.

It’s a good idea to continue posting even if you don’t see any tangible benefit from each one. There’s no way to know when you could get a customer from a post. According to statistics, businesses that regularly post to their Google Business Profile perform better in local searches.

Last updated December 5, 2021

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