Set Up Your Business Information In Loclmark

Before you do anything in Loclmark, it’s essential that you set up your business information. The information you set up about your business will be used to sync your business on directories. It will also be used in review generation campaigns.

Before setting up your account, we gathered a bit of the basic but there’s more you should set up. Not only that but connecting your business to already existing business profiles you’ve set up ensures your business will stay updated across directories.

Here’s what you need to do to make sure your business information is completely set up. There are several sections and you should visit each section and complete them with as much information as possible. The more information you provide, the more likely your business will be found.

Rather watch a video?

We’ve put together a video that covers these same topics. You can watch it at the bottom of this page.

General Business Information

This is arguably the most important information to set up. It’s the basics but you need to get it right in order to be found. Here’s how to set up the general business information in Loclmark.

Select Business Location in Loclmark

Step 1: Click on the business location you’d like to edit in your Loclmark dashboard.

Edit business information in Loclmark

Step 2: Click the Edit link in the Business Information section.

Now comes all the editing of the general information.

Edit all busines sinformation fields in Loclmark

Step 3: If you have multiple locations then enter the code for this location. This isn’t going to help you rank in any way, it simply helps you keep track of things so in no way is it required.

Step 4: Type in your full business name that you want customers to see when they search for your business.

Step 5: Choose the most accurate and specific category for your business. You will have the chance to enter more categories but this is the most important one and should be the most specific to your business.

Step 6: Upload an image for your business. This could be your logo or anything you’d like to represent your business.

Note: The business image should be a perfect square and transparency should be avoided.

Step 7: Type a few letters to show a menu of additional categories for your business. This is an important step and you should add as many categories as are relevant for your business. Do not add irrelevant categories because this will harm your listing.

Step 8: Type your full and accurate address where customers can come to. Accuracy is essential here. For any suites, offices, units, etc. use the address 2 box.

Note: You can choose to hide your address but this will limit what directories your business can be listed in.

Step 9: Put the city for your business address.

Step 10: If you can select your country, do so. If it’s incorrect, please let us know.

Step 11: Type in your state name or two leter code.

Step 12: Type the five-digit zip code of your business.

Step 13: Type the area code and phone number of your business. Do not include hyphens or any other characters.

Step 14: If you have a business website, type the full URL here. If you don’t have a business website, check out our affordable local small business website plans.

Step 15: Only choose this box if you want to hide your business address. This will limit the number of directories your business can be sent to. It is not recommended unless you absolutely have no choice.

Step 16: Click the Save this section button.

Business Details

Edit business details in Loclmark

Step 17: Click the Edit link in the Business Details section.

Edit all fields in business details in Loclmark

Step 18: Write a thorough and helpful description of your business. Tell about who you are and what you do well for your customers. The more you can phrase this into benefits for your customers the more it will help you. This must also be at least 201 characters long.

Step 19: Type your name or the name of the business owner if that’s not you.

Step 20: Type the owner’s email address.

Step 21: Write a short but descriptive tagline that describes your business in a few words.

Step 22: Type the year your business was founded or incorporated.

Step 23: Type the full URL of your business Facebook page.

Step 24: Type the full URL of your business LinkedIn page.

Step 25: Type the full URL of your business Twitter profile.

Step 26: Click the Save button.

Payment Methods

Click Edit link for payment methods in Loclmark.

Step 27: Click the Edit link on the Payment Methods section.

In Loclmark, select all payment methods your business accepts.

Step 28: Click the box below all the payment methods you accept.

Step 29: Click the Save button.

Operational Details

This section is all about your open hours incuding special hours. You’ll want to revisit this section at least every few weeks to make sure you add any special hours such as holidays or days you’re taking off.

Edit operational details in Loclmark.

Step 30: Click the Edit link on the Operational Details section.

Note: Use the Add Now button to add special hours for holidays and days you’re taking off.

Edit Operating hours in Loclmark for all your business hours.

Step 31: Choose whether you’re open, closed, open 24 hours, or if you need to split the hours for each day of the week.

Step 32: Choose the time you’re open from and to for days that you’re open.

Step 33: Use the Apply for all days to speed up the entry of time for all days.

Step 34: Click the Save button.

Business Images & Media

This section is not required but is essential to getting your business seen.

Step 35: Click the main box to upload an image for your business cover. Each directory uses this image differently but it is always the most prominent image.

Step 36: Choose each box to upload several images of your business.

That’s it! Your business information is now updated in Loclmark and will soon sync out to all directories possible. If you chose to hide your address then your business will show up in significantly fewer directories.

There are several directories you need to connect to in order for Loclmark to sync your listing. To connect your directories and check on the sync progress, continue onto the next section.

Review Business Sync Information

This section will let you review business information sync and also connect Loclmark to directories like Google Maps, Yelp, and Facebook.

Here’s everything you need to do to connect and review sync progress.

Link your Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook accounts and check on listing syncronization.

Step 1: Click the Listings tab.

Step 2: Click the Premium Listings sub-tab.

Step 3: Review business directories for a Connect Account button and click the button to connect to those directories.

Note: You don’t have to have created your listing for all directories you’re connecting, but you will need an account for each in order to connect them. Google Maps will let you create a new business listing if you don’t already have one.

Step 4: Errors may occur if a connection can not be made. Review the status for errors and review the steps to fix them or review the progress of your current listing synchronization.

Step 5: These tabs let you filter results on the page, so you can easily see listings that need repair or which have successfully synced.

Step 6: Click this tab to see if duplicate business listings have been found. Duplicates can be damaging to your business rank, so they should be a priority to fix.

That’s it! You can come back to this screen anytime to review the status of your listings. Any change you make with your business information will sync out to your directory listings.

Set Up Your Business Information In Loclmark Video

This video covers the same topics above with additional context for certain parts. Watch the video embedded on this page or on YouTube.

Last updated October 4, 2021

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