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How To Track Your Business Rank In Local Search Results

With Loclmark you can track your business in local search results. This is a great way to see how different changes you make affect how well you rank in local searches. It’s always important to track your rank because everything from changes to your business listings to your reviews can make your rank in searches […]

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Set Up Your Business Information In Loclmark

Before you do anything in Loclmark, it’s essential that you set up your business information. The information you set up about your business will be used to sync your business on directories. It will also be used in review generation campaigns. Before setting up your account, we gathered a bit of the basic but there’s […]

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Create A New Google Business Profile Post In Loclmark

Loclmark makes it a breeze to post Google Business Profile posts right from your dashboard. Yes, it’s easy to post in the Google Business Profile dashboard too but can GBP do this? Repost the post after it expires. Schedule a post for a later day. No, it can’t do either of those which is why […]

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