How To Track Your Business Rank In Local Search Results

With Loclmark you can track your business in local search results. This is a great way to see how different changes you make affect how well you rank in local searches.

It’s always important to track your rank because everything from changes to your business listings to your reviews can make your rank in searches go up or down. You can track keyword searches in the following searches:

  • Google Local (these are results in the local Google maps)
  • Google Organic (regular Google search page results)
  • Yahoo! Search
  • Bing Search

Add keywords to track and you can see how you’re currently ranked across all your keywords and aggregate over time. Here’s how to set up your tracked keywords and view your rank across searches.

You first have to log into your Loclmark dashboard to manage and view your rank.

Open the Ranking Analytics in Loclmark.

Step 1: Click the Analytics tab.

Step 2: Click on Ranking Analytics.

Step 3: Click the Add New Keyword button.

Now it’s time to add all your keywords.

Add new keywords in Loclmark to track in search results.

Step 4: Type in all your keywords and press either tab or enter after each one. Make sure you add several variations and also include keywords with your main city in it also.

Note: You can also download the sample csv file and upload it with all your keywords.

Step 5: Click the Submit Keywords button.

That’s all there is to it. Your keywords will be checked periodically to see how your business and website ranks. Keep in mind that it will take some time for results to fill in. Rechecks are done only periodically so your aggregate ranking will update on those dates.

Review your business rankings in Loclmark in a few days to see how your business ranks.

You can see there are rankings across all included keywords. Each keyword is checked for the search engines listed in each column and your results are displayed over time. You’ll also see whether you’re moving up or down in the search (and by how many).

You can also use the tabs above your keywords to filter keywords by category.

Last updated September 26, 2021

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