Weekly Website Reports Included

Every week you'll receive a report that lets you keep tabs on how your website is performing. How else would you know how your website is performing and how it can be improved?

The report you receive is chock-full of valuable information that will tell you about your website. It not only gives you valuable information to improve your website but you'll be able to see how we're helping your website improve better.

Every part of the report is extremely valuable for your business but the SEO page is possibly the most valuable. You'll get weekly updates that show where you rank for your keyword in your city.

We'll make sure you get everything you need to make valuable decisions for your website and get more business. We won't tell you your website is optimized and safe, we'll show you every week in a thorough report. You can also see an example of the report.

Loclweb Website Report Cover
Optimizations performed to maintain a fast website.
Number of backup restore points available.
Analytics for your website if connected to Google Analytics.
Website performance and performance history.
Weekly search engine rank for your chosen keywords.
WooCommerce sales statistics for the week for eCommerce stores.

Get A Weekly Website Report With Valuable Info

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