Unlimited Website Staff Accounts

You'll never have to share accounts again. In fact, our endless work towards security has led us to give you unlimited staff accounts for your website. That means every staff member who needs access to your website can be given appropriate access with several different security levels to choose from.

You'll get one administrator login who can then create user accounts for your staff members. You can add users with different permissions so they can do what they need to. From shop manager for eCommerce stores to editor's for those simply making blog posts, we got you covered.

Unlimited staff accounts mean everyone can have their own secure login. Each user can have one role or multiple roles, your choice. You'll be able to choose who has the ability to edit pages, posts, and even access the page builder. You're in full control of your users and their accounts.

Loclweb Website Management Unlimited Staff Accounts
Everyone has their own access so no shared passwords, ever.
Add an account for everyone who needs access to your website.
Choose what level of access each user gets.

Get Unlimited Staff Accounts For Your Website

When you're ready to have a professional website with unlimited staff accounts for easy management, sign up!

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