eCommerce Store Discount Codes

Who doesn't love a good discount? If you run an eCommerce store then coupons are an absolute must. That's why our eCommerce plan comes with a coupon center where you can add as many coupon codes as you'd like.

There are a variety of different types of discount codes you can add. With a free shipping option enabled on your store you can create a coupon for free shipping or even free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

There are endless combinations of discounts you can create based on a percentage of the cart, fixed cart discount, fixed product discount, and several restrictions based on category, user, and the number of times the code can be used. The sky is the limit for all the different types of discounts you can create for your eCommerce website.

Loclweb eCommerce Website Discount Codes
Create unlimited discount codes for your store.
Limit who can use each code and what products it can be used on.
Create a special discount for one special customer.

Give Your Store A Boost With Discount Codes

Are you ready to start your eCommerce store that lets you create unlimited discount codes of all types?

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