About Our Affordable Small Business Website Plan Pricing

Learn how pricing works for all our website plans. All website plans work the same way. The only variable cost is the sign-up fee because each website plan takes a different amount of time to set up.


Charged One-Time

This charge covers the initial building of your website. This covers some of the cost to build your website because we don't throw something up in 8 hours.

Each plan requires a different level of effort to create the website which is why each plan has a different sign-up cost.

Your website gets the attention and details it deserves to help you do good in your local market. We build every site custom without using any templates.


Charged Monthly

During the first month after you subscribe you have no ongoing charge. We spend the first week or two setting up your website and you get 2 or 3 weeks free.

On the checkout page, you will see what your ongoing monthly charge will be and when the first charge will occur.

Websites require a lot of effort to keep running fast, secure, and optimized for search. That's why we take care of all that for you every month. You can learn about all those details below.

What's Included In Every Affordable Website Plan, Every Month

Making sure your website is well maintained, running fast, and always up-to-date is a monumental task. We're up to it, though, which is why we include absolutely everything to make sure your website stays awesome. We roll all the premium features provided in every plan into one monthly fee. We don't mess around with cheap solutions, we do it intelligently to make it affordable and worry-free for you.

We're extremely transparent with our pricing, and we never want you to have to deal with a salesperson. Everything you need, we provide in one place and break down why the pricing works the way it does. Our goal is to be the simplest website designer ever with no confusion in what you need to do and what you need to come with (nothing).

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Website loading in less than 1 second!

Most of the websites we build and host load in less than 1 second. Unless you make us build it slow (lots of images, videos, etc.), we build it fast which means better rank for you and more customers.

Fast Website Hosting
Fast Hosting

Your website will be fast, built on Google's Cloud Platform.

Real-Time Website Security
Real-Time Security

We monitor traffic and block the bad guys.

Unlimited Website Updates
Unlimited Updates

Request as many minor updates as you'd like.

Premium Website Features
Premium Features

Your website has features worth over $1,000/year.

Speed Optimized
Speed Optimized

We regularly test and optimize for speed.

Free Domain Registration Included
Domain Included

Your domain registration is included.

Free Website SSL Security Certificate
Security Certificate

Your website security certificate is included.

Responsive Support
Responsive Support

We're here to help answer your questions, quickly.

Daily Website Backups
Daily Backups

Your website is backed up daily in multiple locations.

Unlimited Visitors and Bandwidth

No visitor or bandwidth limits, ever.

Speed Optimized
Fast CDN

Every website is crazy fast with Google Cloud CDN & DNS.

Anti-Spam Network
Anti-Spam Network

We work hard to ensure you aren't bombarded by spam.

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