Better eCommerce With WooCommerce Services

Get ready to sell even faster by connecting your Loclweb eCommerce website with WooCommerce Services. Because your store is built on the WooCommerce platform, you can take advantage of these services to quickly set up USPS label purchasing and printing (US domestic addresses only), automatic tax calculations, and more.

When someone orders a product from your store, you'll be one step closer to printing the shipping label right from your order management screen. You get a discount on shipping and can print labels all in one place.

Calculating taxes for your location to the customers will be simplified greatly. The system will calculate in real-time the tax that needs to be collected based on the information you input about your products. You just have to make sure each product and shipping is set as taxable or not. From there WooCommerce Services will calculate the proper tax.

Loclweb WooCommerce Services Buy Shipping Labels
Connect your store to JetPack to get WooCommerce Services.
Purchase and print USPS labels right from orders.
Taxes are calculated automaticallly based on your customer.

Complete Orders Faster With WooCommerce Services

If you're ready for a powerful eCommerce store that connects with simple WooCommerce Services, sign up now.

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