11 Websites You Must Promote Your Accounting Service On

Promote your accounting service online

Getting the word out of your accounting service can be a challenge sometimes. Especially when you’re just getting started. It doesn’t have to be, though. You’re always looking for simple ways to get more customers online, right? These websites are the place you need to start by creating free listings.

Many of these websites assume that your accounting service has a physical location but there are some exceptions. You can create service-area listings on some websites. Just be sure to do your research first to make sure you’re doing it right. Otherwise, you may risk getting your listing banned.

Having a local marketing strategy for your accounting service is essential and these directories are the first place to start. For many of the general directories you can automate much of your local marketing with a local marketing automation tool. That will save you a lot of time especially when you have changes to make.

For specialty websites and directories then it’s necessary to manually create your listing and make changes to those as needed. That will ensure you reach the broader audience of the internet and also have a listing on specialty sites that give your accounting service more authority online.

You likely won’t get business from the specialty websites, but they are essential for business authority online.

Ready to get into the websites that you need to promote your accounting service on?

Promote Your Accounting Service On These Websites

Now it’s time to get into the website you definitely need to promote your accounting service on. There are more directories and website out there but these are the main one’s for accounting services. If you want to reach the broadest audience possible then you can use a local marketing automation tool such as Loclmark to reach more customers and build more authority online.

Let’s get started…

Google My Business

Google My Business (aka GMB) is the foundation of all local marketing online. Why? Because a huge portion of your internet audience starts their search on Google.

GMB is highly integrated with Google searches which makes it the essential place to make sure you have your GMB listing done right and direct most of your reviews to it.

Want to see how essential your GMB listing is? Of course you do…

Bing search results for accounting services in chicago, il

As you can see the GMB search results are high at the top. Of course text ads take the first position, GMB is more impactful because it has the visual map, reviews, and are part of the organic search results which means people trust them more than ads. That’s why Google My Business is the most important directory for every business, even accounting services.


While Yelp doesn’t have nearly the reach that Google My Business does, its reach is still fairly broad. It still has a large fan base that go straight to Yelp to find local businesses and read review too. Second only to GMB, Yelp reviews are essential.

Yelp reviews are essential because they are trusted and more than that, other websites pull information from Yelp listings. Apple Maps is one of those sources that pulls business information and reviews directly from Yelp. Whether you love Yelp or hate them (many do) you have to play their game. They’re essential for every accounting service to reach more customers.


Nextdoor is of growing importance for reaching local customers. Yes, that website where you can learn just how crazy your neighbors likely are (if it’s anything like my Nextdoor neighborhood). It’s also a big source of recommendations. You’ve likely seen conversation threads on Nextdoor where someone asks for a trusted accountant.

Wouldn’t you like to be that recommended accounting? Better yet, when someone does recommend you wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a link directly to your Nextdoor business profile? Your accounting service can be linked and shared directly in Nextdoor if you create your business profile.

Nextdoor business page example

While Nextdoor might not give you online authority outside Nextdoor, it’s still an essential local marketing tool for your accounting service.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is another listing for your accounting service that won’t build authority outside of Apple Maps but is essential still. Many people hold an iPhone in hand (still the single most popular smartphone brand) and use the default option for finding a local business.

That means they open Apple Maps. While Apple Maps pulls some information in from other sources (mainly Yelp) they also allow you to create your business directly in Apple Maps. Make sure you take full advantage of creating your accounting service listing directly in Apple Maps.


While Facebook isn’t the first place your customer will look for an accounting service, it is extremely popular. Facebook is also a great place to get shared by local customers because they are often linked up with many others who may use your service.

It’s also beneficial because a Facebook business page is publicly accessible which means it can build authority.

Bing Places

This is another one that gives you relatively high visibility but doesn’t have the massive reach that Google does. Similar to Google My Business, Bing Places gives you a very visible listing at the top of search results. This time for Bing search results, though.

Notice how prominent the Bing Places listings are in search results? Sure Bing puts a higher priority on ads (wow so many!) but after that it’s all about Bing Places.

Bing search results for accounting services in chicago, il

Bing doesn’t have the extensive reach locally or globally that Google does but it still has an audience that makes it worth reaching. Not only that but Bing Places helps you build authority online with a free listing.

CPA Directory

The CPA Directory isn’t likely going to be a high-power lead generation platform but it’s authoritative. Because their specialty is accountants that means you’re going to get a listing for your accounting service that’s valuable in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Whenever there’s an industry specific directory to list your business for free, take full advantage of it. This is one for all you accountants out there so be sure to list your business.


Clutch.co isn’t a specialty accounting services directory but it’s valuable nonetheless. It’s valuable because they hold several top spots in local searches for an accounting on Google. You might have noticed on the Google search screenshot above the top organic spot went to Clutch.co.

If a directory holds any top spots for what you do then they’re worth the investment as long as that investment is strictly time rather than money. Be sure to either claim or create your business listing on Clutch.co


This is another general directory that holds some top spots for local searches in accounting. It’s always worth creating your business profile in these types of directories because it’s free and provides some important authority for your business.

If a top ranking directory in local searches holds a top spot for your city then it’s likely also worth it to guide some reviews from your clients to it. That means if someone is searching for an accounting, checks out a “Top 10 Accountants In XYZ City” article then you get free visibility. Extra points if the person sees good reviews too!


Thumbtack is a lead generate site but also allows you to create a free profile. You don’t have to pay for any leads but definitely take the time to create your free profile. You’ll find Thumbtack on the first page for many local accountant searches. It’s best to be on those lists at least for the authority in Google’s eyes.


This directory is gaining popularity for many business types. They were initially only for technology fields but have since expanded into many others. That means you should create your free listing there especially if they hold a top local search spot for an accountant.

You get free authority for search engines and also have to potential to be seen by more potential clients.


There are many ways to promote your accounting service. You’re likely bombarded by companies offering to advertise, do SEO, and more. A lot of them are scams and will just cost you time and money. Out of all the methods to promote your accounting services, these directories are the best place to start. The best part of this is that they’re free.

Google My Business is still the top place to manage your listing but to build authority many other directory listing are necessary as well. That means you should create your free profiles and activity manage them too. If you want to take some stress and effort out of managing your business on the major directories, try a local marketing automation tool such as Loclmark.

After you establish your business with a professional custom website and get listed on the most important directories the last step in maintaining and growing your presence online is to generate more reviews. This will ensure your business presence grows online and you start getting more clients from the internet.

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