The 10 Best Cleaning Service Websites On The Internet In 2022

Best Cleaning Service Website

We scoured the internet for the best cleaning services website on the internet. We searched for the best websites in many industries, but this was the most difficult. There were entire cities in the US that didn’t have a single good cleaning service website.

But, after searching high and low for some time, we found the best of the best for cleaning service websites in cities across the United States. Cleaning service website design is essential to the success of every cleaning service business. That’s because nearly everyone starts their search online even for local businesses.

You’ll find that these websites cover a lot of ground within the cleaning service industry. That’s because it’s such a broad topic. You’ll find house cleaning, window cleaning, commercial cleaning, home exterior cleaning, pressure washing, and everything in between.

The Best 10 Cleaning Service Websites

We did all the hard work putting together great cleaning service websites. Now you have the easy job of checking them out!

Ready to check out the best cleaning service websites we found on the internet?

Joyful Haven Cleaning – Tacoma, WA

Joyful Haven Cleaning - Tacoma, WA

The simplicity of finding what you need on this website is what we liked most. It’s easy to see what they do and where they do it as well as booking the cleaners or calling them. These are the most important tasks and everything else is secondary.

We also quite enjoyed the fact that the website notified us about recent bookings. That was a nice tough for social proof that others are using them too It’s human nature to see what others are doing and want to do it too. We are more like sheep than anyone would like to admit.

Clean It to the Max – Henderson, NV

Clean It to the Max - Henderson, NV

While we’re not in love with the lack of information on WHERE Clean It to the Max cleans carpets and floors, the website looked too good to pass up. No website is perfect, and that goes for all websites. That’s why we were willing to overlook this important oversight to include this website in our best cleaning service website list.

As you browse the home page of this website you’ll notice the thought put into the visual design. It’s excellent. There’s also a good amount of information that tells you about what they do, how they do it, and to help encourage you to choose their cleaning service. With one fix of telling people where they do what they do, this website would be near perfection.

Chick’s Who Shine – Des Moines, IA

Chick's Who Shine - Des Moines, IA

Chick’s Who Shine is a great website visually with important information front and center. What do they do? Professional cleaning for homes and businesses. Where do they do it? Central Iowa! That’s pretty darn clear so the only thing left is to contact them which is easy to do too.

Another thing about this website is that it’s extremely easy to navigate. The navigation bar on the left stays put as you scroll with an easy way to get to other pages. It also has a quick button to get a quote and their phone number which isn’t visible in the screenshot above.

Our one complaint is that the free quite button brings you to a pretty unruly form and no instant quote like some sites. There’s also no way to instantly book. These are perhaps improvements that can be made in the future but right now, it’s still a well-built local cleaning service website.

New Again Professional Cleaning – Pittsburgh, PA

New Again Professional Cleaning - Pittsburgh, PA

There’s quite a bit of elegance built right into the New Again Professional Cleaning website. They were sure to make the visual design flow throughout, which is great. That and you can find the most important information right up front on the home page.

Their niche is well-defined, and it’s easy to contact them instantly. This is another website that shows the recent purchases of other customers. Another cleaning service that knows the importance of social proof.

Ohana House Cleaning Services – Bozeman, MT

Ohana House Cleaning Services - Bozeman, MT

Simple is stunning. This website is as simple as it gets with a simple and clean color scheme that draws your eye to important information. In fact, there’s really only two colors in the entire color palette but it works exquisitely. You do have to scroll a small amount to see where they service but it’s not a bad scroll.

One thing that confused us a bit is the name, we’re not sure if it’s Ohana House Cleaning Services (from the title) or Aloha Hale Cleaning. It’s somewhat inconsistent which can lead to confusion. Other than this one oversight, we’re in love with this website and the visual simplicity of it.

Jade’s Premium Quality Cleaning – Tampa, FL

Jade's Premium Quality Cleaning - Tampa, FL

Somebody loves pink, and we love it too when it’s so well coordinated and makes for an amazing looking website. As with the best local business websites, what they do and where they do it is pretty obvious. It felt like the design of this website really came together with the pink, especially because the image works quite well with it and has a splash of pink in the background too.

As you scroll down the page to learn more about this Tampa cleaning service, it doesn’t let down. Every part of the home page is just as good as what’s above the fold. For a cleaning service website, this one is excellent, I just wish we could instantly book their services.

The Maid Crew – Richmond, VA

The Maid Crew - Richmond, VA

This one is simple and picture-based, which also makes it easy to use. We love the look and the color coordination which makes for a trustworthy and well-done brand. You can instantly call or text with the buttons at the top. Our only gripe is that the buttons show up for desktop too. Texting doesn’t really work on the average computer unless you’re using a Mac with iMessage hooked up.

Otherwise, the website is great, though. It has the most important basic information at the top and an easy way to contact the company.

605 Cleaning – Sioux Falls, SD

605 Cleaning - Sioux Falls, SD

Simple and clean is the goal of both a cleaning service and a good cleaning service website design. This one is themed with green and the image also follows that theme. This makes for a good look and the information being simple and uncluttered helps a lot.

You can find the most important information about this cleaning service up top on the front page. What they do, where they do it, and contact information are easy to find. If that’s not enough just browse around their website and you’ll soon enough learn more about 605 Cleaning.

Clean Bees Homekeepers – Fort Collins, CO

Clean Bees Homekeepers - Fort Collins, CO

It takes a bit of scrolling to figure out where Clean Bees serves, but the website looks amazing. Going with the theme of their name, yellow really sets the stage for a bees hive. They really spent a lot of time on their branding, and it shows. I mean, you can even get swag on their website! How cool is that?

While the information on the website isn’t perfect at the top, the overall look and feel really makes up for it. That’s one reason why it made it on our best cleaning service website list. Their branding and website are on point and we love it. Overall this Fort Collins, CO cleaning service is the most well-branded local business website we’ve ever seen.

Naturally Clean – Bend, OR

Naturally Clean - Bend, OR

This cleaning service company focuses on carpet, upholstery, and rugs in Bend, OR. How do we know? Because they make it really obvious right up top on their front page. That’s the right way to format a home page for a local small business.

Not only did they put the right information at the top, they made it look good. The natural beauty comes through in the website design and that follows well with their name, Naturally Clean. While we’re not in love with the way the estimate process works (broken branding) the website itself is designed well. It just needs a little tweaking and the user experience needs to be improved. It’s a great start and for all the cleaning service websites we saw, this is definitely on the better side.

Best Cleaning Service Website Conclusion

No website on the internet is absolutely perfect. But, this list of cleaning service websites is definitely the best of all the cleaning service websites we reviewed. Out of the hundreds of websites in cities across the US we saw, this list was the best.

If you’re trying to put your cleaning service on the map, take notes from these websites. You will be on your way to mastering local marketing online. Local marketing has many elements that are important to do right in order to succeed and drive more customers to your business. You’ll also want to promote your cleaning service on local directories that help you get in front of more customers.

That’s why we focus on helping local small businesses by building amazing websites that rank well in local searches. Our cleaning service website design process will help put your cleaning service on the map. Not only that, but the local marketing automation tools that we offer are the all-in-one solution your cleaning service needs to get in front of more customers and rank better in searches.

The goal is to get more customers. But you have to do things right online in order to get there. Once you get your local marketing online right, a steady stream of customers are there searching for you, waiting for the right cleaning service.

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