11 Websites You Should Promote Your Cleaning Service On

Website directories to promote your cleaning servic

If you’re looking for new clients (and what business isn’t?) then these are some websites you should definitely use to your advantage.

Not only is having a professional and effective cleaning service website essential but listing your business on the most important directories is also essential. That’s what I’m here to assist you with today.

Taking the time to list your business on websites that are the most important for driving more cleaning service customers will help you get in front of more clients. There are many general online directories and websites all businesses (and you) should focus on, but these are the most important for cleaning services.

You can use a directory listing application to help you cover the general websites, but you may have to do some manual housekeeping to make sure you have full coverage online to get in front of the most potential clients.

Directories To List Your Cleaning Service

These websites contain lists of businesses or business pages that allow you to reach a broader audience. While they aren’t replacements for a website (they’re very competitive), they complement a well-built local website.

Google Business Profile

For most businesses on the internet, Google Business Profile is the #1 place to start for listing your business online. When customers search on Google (the most used search engine) for a cleaning service, Google Business Profile listings are among the top search results.

You can manage your Google Business Profile, reviews, and more with a directory listing management tool like Loclmark.

Go ahead, try it out in your city, and you’ll see where you can be listed with a Google Business Profile. While not a business directory and not free, as a cleaning service, you can also explore Google Local Service Ads.


Love ’em or hate ’em you have to work with Yelp if you want clients. Yelp is still one of the top-ranked listings websites on the internet, including in Google searches. They hold a high level of top 10 rankings for cleaning services searches.

Yes, they’ll try to sell you on extremely expensive advertising and premium listings, but you can (and should) say no. If anything you’re going to get a decent amount of authority online from your Yelp listings.


This is a great option to get seen by locals looking for cleaning services. It’s free to list your business and many Angi pages rank well in search engines. Go ahead, search for cleaning services in Google, and you’ll likely see Angie’s List on there.

Not only is it completely free to get listed, your clients still trust Angi.

Apple Maps

Did you even know you could list your cleaning service on Apple Maps? If you have a physical location, then you should create a free listing. More people than you might think use Apple Maps to find local businesses.

It’s true that Apple Maps pulls some of its information from Yelp but not all. Head over to Apple Maps and add (or claim) your business, so you can take advantage of presenting potential clients with accurate information to find you.


While HomeAdvisor is heavily weighted towards their paid services, you can still create a free profile. You aren’t likely to get a ton of business from it, they push it down in the listings pretty low if you don’t pay. That doesn’t mean it’s not valuable for your business, though!

Listing your cleaning service on a website like HomeAdvisor helps with your authority and lends trust to your business. Every bit helps and since it’s free, why not?


Isn’t Facebook just for silly memes from your aunt?

Absolutely not! People use Facebook for EVERYTHING. That includes searching for local businesses and getting local business recommendations (or giving them!). You can create a business page right on Facebook and people can find your business in a Facebook search.

It’s a great place to get a little extra visibility for those social media addicts and build some real social proof right on social media.


If you need some justification on why you should list your business on Care.com just search Google. It may not be high in search listings for your specific area, but it’s bound to be listed somewhere near the top in a local area near you. It’s free to create a basic listing for your business, and you should do it right now.


You can pay for leads on Porch, but it’s completely free to create a business profile there also. That’s where we recommend you start because it doesn’t cost you a dime, and it’s easy to do. Any place where you can build authority on the internet is going to help you in the long run, even if just a little.


While Thumbtack isn’t the most prominent listing you’ll have for your cleaning service, it is one yo shouldn’t forget. It’s completely free to create a page on Thumbtack, but you do have to pay for leads. It’s easy not to pay for leads, so you end up with just a free business page that has your business information on it.

Bing Places

This one is identical to Google Business Profile in how it all works, but the reach isn’t nearly as far. The reach isn’t as far because Bing doesn’t have nearly as many users as Google. That doesn’t mean it’s useless, though.

It’s free to set up your business profile, and you’ll get premium reach for users who use Bing. If it cost you money then I’d say forget it, but it’s free so completely worth your time.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages used to be the best way to get new clients, now they’re just a website on the internet. While the Yellow Pages website isn’t the most prominent place online, it’s free to create your listing.


These websites are a great place to start building your cleaning service presence online. The best part is that they’re all free. A free way to build your authority online and reach more potential clients is a win in my book.

If you want to take your authority a bit further and manage it all automatically, a local marketing tool will do the trick. You can generate more reviews where it counts and list your business in the most important directories with Loclmark, a local marketing tool that we created just for local businesses.

Good luck getting your business listed and building your presence to grow your cleaning business online.

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