8 Websites To Market Your Real Estate Business For Free

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Being a real estate agent not only means you have to be a master of marketing, it also means you have to get yourself out there at every opportunity. That means you need to take every opportunity to grow your real estate business.

Luckily, there are some pretty simple places you can start online to get yourself out there. There are a good number of websites you can use to market your real estate business for free. This entire list is free to use as a marketing tool for your business.

While these are great websites to market your real estate business on for free, they are part of a holistic marketing strategy. You will likely need more sources for marketing, such as social media, advertising and, of course, a professional website.

Websites To Market Your Real Estate Business

This list of websites is a great place to start marketing your real estate business for free. There are a lot of other places, such as Zillow and Realtor.com, but many of those cost money. That’s why you should start here and then evaluate what makes sense for you beyond this list.


Google Business Profile

Marketing for all local businesses likely start on Google Business Profile (GBP). That’s because Google has a huge reach across the internet for marketing all businesses. When people search for a business there’s a good chance they will cross paths with Google many times.

With a Google Business Profile for your real estate business, you will come up on Google Maps and in the local pack for local searches for real estate searches.

That’s important because it’s at the top of Google search results.

A new feature for Google is local service ads which are now available for real estate searches. This is a pay-per-lead ad service which may or may not be beneficial to you.


There’s not as much power in listing your real estate business on Yelp as there used to be. That doesn’t mean there’s no value in creating your profile there, though. There’s just not a lot of value in paying their excessive advertising or premium profile fees.

If you search on Google in many cities, Yelp still shows up at the top of those searches for local businesses. That means if you get reviews on Yelp, then you can make a top 10 Yelp list that shows up at the top of Google.


Neighbors talk and they also recommend. Nextdoor is based on neighbors talking and making recommendations, which makes it an amazing place to reach new customers for your real estate business.

If you want to reach more local customers with your real estate business, then Nextdoor is a great place to list yourself. It’s free and with a few recommendations you can get seen in searches and also make a top list at the end of the year. They maintain lists of top businesses in many categories which would be great for your business.

Apple Maps

There are more Apple devices in people’s hands than any other manufacturer of mobile devices. That means they all have Apple Maps in their hands. With improvements made to Apple Maps in the last few years, there are more people using Apple Maps too.

You can list your real estate business on Apple Maps for free and show up when someone searches for a real estate business using Apple Maps. It’s a free way to show up for local searches, so it’s definitely worth the investment.


This is another website you wouldn’t think to market your real estate business aside from making posts and doing the normal social media stuff. Facebook is so much more than that, though.

You can create a business page on Facebook which could then come up in searches for a real estate business. It’s also an easy way to help people recommend you on Facebook because you have a business page. Either way, putting your real estate business on Facebook is a free and effective way to market your business.

Bing Places

Just like Google Business Profile, Bing Places will get you see on search engines. This time you’ll be seen by searches on Bing which admittedly doesn’t have the reach of Google but still has users. There’s no reason not to take advantage of the free marketing on Bing that you get with Bing Places.


This one isn’t obvious unless you start searching around for real estate businesses. If you do that then you’ll inevitably find Expertise.com among the list of search results.

If someone searches Google for a real estate business and sees a top list linked in the search results then that’s an easy way for them to find what they need. That means if your real estate business is listed on Expertise.com, then you could get customers or at least some online authority.

Either way it’s free, and it’s easy, so you should create your business profile there.

Local Chamber of Commerce

This isn’t a specific website to market your real estate business on nor is it often free. But, I still put it on this list because it’s often worth the investment for your business and is typically relatively cheap for the benefit you receive.

Many local chambers of commerce websites come with a business profile when you join. That also gets you a local link for your website, which is a great ranking boost for your real estate website.


There are endless ways to market your real estate business online. That also means there are a lot of ways you could be missed by someone looking for a real estate agent.

Marketing your real estate business on this list of websites is a great start for increasing visibility and being seen in the community. There are many other free directories online which may not have the visibility, but they do help increase authority.

Local marketing automation can help make things easier for your local marketing by automating the creation and management of your business listings online. It can also help you get more reviews easily, which will boost your business online significantly.

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