The 10 Best Law Firm Websites On The Internet In 2022

10 Of The Best Law Firm Websites You've Ever Seen

There are many great law firm websites out there, and we’re always on the lookout for the best. We’ve scoured the internet for law firm websites that we think are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

There’s no way we can cover all the websites on the internet, so I’m sure we missed a few (thousand). If you’d like to nominate a law firm website that you think knocked it out of the park, leave it in the comments. You never know, we may just update this list and include it!

The Best Law Firm Websites

We looked for some of the best put together law firm websites, mostly from an aesthetic point of view. That doesn’t mean we didn’t look at anything else, though. There are a lot of factors that go into a good website and aesthetics is only one part.

You’ll find these websites have a clear message, load quickly, and likely convert well. Those are also important factors to qualify for the best law firm website. Having a professional law firm website is essential, though.

Without a clear message that converts visitors, then what good is a website after all?

I don’t want to waste too much more time so without further ado, the best law firm websites you’ve ever seen.

McManus Faulkner

McManis Faulkner Law Firm

There aren’t many websites that have a message as clear as McManis Faulkner. While they didn’t quite nail the conversion part of it as solidly as I’d like, they lay out what they stand for to you and what they have meant to others in hard times.

Those are all important things to do for a law firm website. Putting the message and humanity in it is great. Even better is that they did it well without plastering pictures of themselves all over the front page. Not that it’s a bad thing, it just took some skill to accomplish this.

They’re definitely representing San Jose websites in a great way that’s artistic and mostly effective. Just work on that conversion aspect a bit more, please.

Tony Nguyen Law Firm

Tony Nguyen Law Firm

This one is clear, concise, and super easy to convert. Overall, a great job and what could be more Texas than this? If you’re going to be a Texas law firm and have a Texas law firm website then it has to be 100% Texas. Tony Nguyen Law Firm has absolutely succeeded.

The website has a clear message and what they stand for is very clear. Not only that but it’s pretty clear that they offer a free consultation and multiple ways to claim that.

Overall, Tony Nguyen Law Firm did a great job on their website and is representing Austin, Texas website design from the front.

Beckham Solis Attorneys at Law

Beckham Solis Attorneys at Law

These guys know what they’re doing when representing themselves on the internet. They’re also laying it down for Miami in a big way that’s all about getting results.

My only gripe? It’s not as easy as it should be to convert on their website. If you’re ready to call then yes, you can find their phone number and call.

What if you’d rather just fill out a quick form and have them reach out when they’re available? Or perhaps a live chat feature that gets their information quickly?

The Beckham Solis Attorneys at Law website is pretty awesome looking, and it definitely looks great. They look pretty slick on the front page like they’re ready to win and that’s what their whole message is.

Boyd Law Attorneys at Law

Boyd Law Attorneys at Law

We’re not biased towards this one at all because they’re from our hometown, nope. Boyd Law is definitely representing awesome Sacramento websites with a great law practice website though.

The website says it all right from the start, and you can’t really miss it. If that experience doesn’t catch your attention and tell you who they are then I don’t know what will. Not only that, but could it be any easier to convert on their website?

Simply click the request consultation button and a huge form is in your face, easy as can be. They really knocked it out of the park here with a website that looks amazing, has crisp, clear messaging, and is almost too easy to convert.

Van Cleave Law

Van Cleave Law - Biloxi, MS

There’s a lot going on in this website, but it’s done well enough that the important parts stand out. It’s easy to call and request a free case review from Van Cleave Law in Biloxi, MS. Their message is clear, but our one complaint is that they serve “our community” but it’s not necessarily clear where “our community” is.

We’re kind of liking the chatbot also. It’s easy to get answers and find the right information if you’re not up for browsing around the website. All together, this website is well-built, and you can see a consistent look all the way down.

Owen Bird Law Corporation

Owen Bird Law Corporation

From the deep south of the United States all the way up to the great north in Canada, Owen Bird Law Corporation is representing the great city of Vancouver.

It’s nice that they have a bit of humanity added to their website while also having clear messaging. It’s easy to give them a call, but my only gripe would be the lack of other simple ways to convert on this website.

Visually it’s a home run and looks great. They definitely did Vancouver proud with a sharp website. There isn’t a lot of competition in Vancouver for great looking websites, so this one really stood out. I would want them to represent me based on their professional appearance online alone. It undoubtedly gives them the upper hand against the competition.

The Ferraro Law Firm

The Ferraro Law Firm - Miami, FL

Somehow, Miami ended up representing in the law firm category twice. I guess that just means they’re super awesome and know how to do great websites. Or at least they know image is everything, and it all starts with their website.

The Ferraro Law Firm has a super slick color scheme that works well and helps present a clear message. Just in case you’re not sure what they specialize in it’s right there upfront. You can’t beat clear messaging for an awesome website.

Not only did they do the visuals right, but it’s easy to convert. Phone? Check! Form? Check!

They did well with their website, and it’s quite an impressive way to make a first impression with clients.

Clifford Law Office

Clifford Law Offices

This website is a bit on the traditional side, but that’s not at all a bad thing. The colors do work together while giving it that lawyer feel without going overboard.

The best part? Success is the best part of course. Their message is simple and clear with an easy way to convert, just click! Or tap I guess.

Clifford Law Offices is representing Chicago, and they did a good job doing it. Big city, big success.

Long & Long Attorneys at Law

Long & Long Attorneys at Law

Back to the south with a Mobile, AL law firm who’s representing the city in all its glory. They absolutely have the visuals that make their practice pop online, and you can’t beat how easy it is to convert.

No matter what your preference or what you see first there’s a way to become their client. You can give them a call, fill out the simple form, or even start a chat with a live representative. How cool is that?

Long & Long Attorneys at Law did a great job with their website and being available to their clients.

Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Attorneys at Law

Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Attorneys at Law

The simplicity and color consistency makes this website stand out in a great way. You get a taste of who they are and what they value before ever contacting them.

Parr Brown Gee & Loveless know how to represent a great brand and stand out with a great first impression. Visually, the website absolutely kills. The only thing I see that could be improved is how they get conversions. There’s not an easy way to contact them which could prevent potential leads from becoming clients.

Other than that, they did a great job and represent Salt Lake City with an amazing website that is well done.

Representing Law Firms Online

In most industries, there’s a great underestimation of what an amazing website can do for your business. Representing your business in a big way and having a great first impression is essential to success.

There are two important parts to how potential clients see a business.

  1. What they see.
  2. What they hear.

You can take care of both of these with a spectacular website. The law firm websites in this post are some of the best for a great first impression.

What about what they hear, though? That’s another important part so getting reviews in the right spot and making sure you promote them is important.

What people see and hear originates almost solely on the internet today. That means an amazing website that represents you well is essential. You can start with a great website but don’t forget to also promote your law firm elsewhere online.

While these are some amazing law firm websites, a professional and effective website for your law firm isn’t out of reach. We build custom affordable law firm websites that any business can afford.

The best part? We take care of it all for you so you don’t have to worry about managing the website, updates for it, or anything else.

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