12 Websites You Should Promote Your Law Firm On

9 Places You Should Promote Your Law Firm

If you search Google for any of your law firm’s specialties there are a handful of directory websites that are going to come up first.

These are the places where you need to list your law firm because they matter the most. The order of these directories may vary for your location but they’re all important.

I don’t want to drone on about why you should list your business or any of the stuff you probably know. You need to be listed to be found and these are the sites that matter most for law firms.

Directories To List Your Law Firm

These are the directories you should have your law firm listed on at the minimum. Some are general local business directories but many are law specific. You can and should go beyond this list but this is a start for getting your law firm listed and seen by potential clients online.

Keep in mind that directories are a starting point for local marketing. If you’re found but don’t look professional and well put together then no matter how visible you are won’t matter. A good law firm website is a good start which is why we build law firm website designs that are professional and localized.

Google Business Profile

This is the #1 place to list your business for every category because Google gives it priority over all other directories. Google Business Profile (aka GBP) is a high priority for Google and will ensure your business is seen immediately by searches instead of indirectly.

Immediately vs indirectly?

Yes, people will see your business IN the search results instead of having to click a link in the search results. Try searching law firm and you’ll see what I mean. Get your law firm listed here immediately and then get some reviews. You should use review management software to more effectively acquire authentic reviews for your law firm.


For most law firms, Yelp is going to be the #2 place you need to be listed. For many law-related search terms, one of the top-ranked sites is usually a Yelp top 10 list. When I search for family law in my area, Yelp is the #1 website after your Google Business Profile.

Yelp is another place you need to set up your profile and make sure you’re acquiring good reviews. If you have a place of business, set up a check-in offer to increase your chances people will leave you a review.

Justia Lawyer Directory

This is another top website for getting your business listed. It’s not usually the #1 search result but it’s an important place for your law firm to be found. People use Justia because it’s a trusted source for finding quality law firms. Website directories such as Justia are important because they cover a specific niche. Not only that but it’s free to get listed. The more places your business is listed the better off you are.


This lawyer directory is a good place to get listed because it holds many top places in search. Not only does it hold top places but it specializes in lawyers. You can put each lawyer in your practice on Avvo for free and people can rate your lawyers. Make sure after you always ask your clients to leave you a review. Doing so with a review management platform will help you get the best reviews.


This is another highly authoritative law firm directory and one you can’t ignore. It ranks highly in many search terms for law firm searches, therefore, is a must. Your law firm may already have a listing on FindLaw so be sure you search before you create a new one. If you’re not listed then be sure to add your profile and fill it out completely.


There’s a huge marketplace of people looking for services on Thumbtack. It’s a great place to find leads who are looking for a lawyer and want the lawyers to come to them. You can list your profile on Thumbtack and even get reviews, you don’t even have to buy credits to do so. It’s a good place to be found and build your authority.


Yes, you can list a business on Facebook just like other local business directories. In fact, Facebook is part of our business listings management platform, which makes it easy for you to add your business to over 100 important general local business directories (including Google Business Profile and Bing also). To list your business on Facebook you’ll need to create a business page and fill out all the information completely. Reviews will also help your business do better for anybody searching on Facebook.

Bing Places

Just like Google Business Profile, you can list your business on Bing. While not as many people use Bing, there’s enough to make it worth your while to list your business there. Bing Places is very similar to Google Businesses Profile in many ways, so be sure to get your business listed and fill out your profile completely.


This is strictly a lawyer directory and you can create a free listing. It’s basic, you may not get a lot of traffic directly from it. It is a valuable source for a link, though. It’s free to sign up so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t create your profile here and get better authority for your law firm online.


Again, free directory listing for the basic level which is perfectly sufficient for anybody. It’s a great way to get a directory citation and increase your authority too.

The more places your law firm is listed the better off you are. Be sure all your information is accurate and consistent across them all though.


As it states at the very top, it’s free and always will be. So why wouldn’t you create another great listing to help your law firm website rank higher in searches. Each directory listing contributes to the wellbeing of your online presence.

Yellow Pages

While not a high traffic website these days there are still people who find businesses through the Yellow Pages website. It’s worth listing your business on here to reach local clients.


These directories are a good start to getting listed online. They will get your law firm name in front of potential clients and build your authority online. They aren’t enough though. It’s always a good idea to get a free business listings scan to see how well your business is listed online.

People who find your business on any of these websites are going to also research your firm more. They want to learn more about you. That’s why a custom law firm website is very important, it sets your law firm apart.

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