The 10 Best Home Inspector Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Home Inspector Websites On The Internet

At the center of a good digital marketing strategy for small businesses is a website. That’s why we scoured the internet for the best home inspector websites. There’s no better example of a local small business that relies on its website for marketing than home inspectors. Since most home inspectors are service area businesses, a good website is essential.

For home inspectors to rank on Google Maps and in Google searches, they must not only focus on their Google Business Profile and reviews. An important ranking factor is also their website. And making a good impression with a website is essential.

The look of a website is important but many other factors are important for a great website. Clarity of information is essential as well as how well the website is built for conversion. That means visitors can find what they’re looking for and also convert on the website.

Conversion involves a good call-to-action which could be to call, email, book an inspection, or any other action that the home inspector wants visitors to perform. That usually means becoming a customer, the most important function of a website.

We looked at websites all over the United States to find the best home inspector websites. From the far north to the deep south, we inspected tons of different websites for aesthetics, conversion optimization, and clarity. The search led us to the best home inspector websites on the internet.

A good website doesn’t have to be super unique or visually stunning. If it’s missing essential parts of a good website then how it looks is a waste. That’s why we sometimes choose a better overall website than the one that looks cool. It’s because a website that does most things well is more important than a website that does one thing well.

Check out this list of the best home inspector website to get inspired and maybe use as some examples of what you want to do with your website. Let us know when you’re ready to have an awesome home inspection website and we can build you a fast, custom, and conversion-optimized website too.

The Best Home Inspector Websites

Now it’s time to get into the 10 best home inspector websites on the internet. We captured screenshots of the top of the home page as we saw it because they can change. We also included a link to the website so you can see the full site. Since they can sometimes change, though, keep in mind that it could have changed for the worse.

We revisit these websites regularly to make sure this list is always the best. That means we may replace websites on this list with better websites as they change. Or, we may just update the image because they improved the website. Sometimes that happens because no website is perfect and no good website is ever done.

Kozy Home Inspections – North Idaho

Kozy Home Inspections - North Idaho

There’s nothing too fancy or elaborate about this website. It’s quite simple at its core. But that’s a good thing because it’s easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for and convert. While you can’t find where they serve without scrolling a bit, they do have that information which is essential. It’s one of the things we recommend putting above the fold on every local business website.

The website is heavily conversion oriented a bit more so than aesthetics which is fine. Aesthetics are important which this website has enough of to look nice, but conversion optimization is slightly more important. What that means on this website is visitors can easily find their phone number, email them, and book an inspection which is essentially contacting them. It’s simple but nice looking which makes it a great website.

Great Northern Home Inspections – Columbia Falls, MT

Great Northern Home Inspections - Columbia Falls, MT

This is another simple yet effective best home inspector website. It’s again heavily conversion optimized but with an emphasis on simple aesthetics too with a simple and consistent color scheme. It couldn’t be any easier for visitors to call or text and schedule an inspection form is a well-guided process to schedule their own inspection instead of simply contacting the inspector.

As you scroll down the home page, there’s reinforcing information about their services, why they’re a great choice, and more. The best part is that there are calls to action sprinkled throughout the website. That makes it easy to schedule an inspection no matter where you are.

ENC Inspection Services – Buffalo, NY

ENC Inspection Services - Buffalo, NY

We loved that this website combines simplicity with information. You can see without scrolling at all where they service and it’s easy to learn more about them or schedule an inspection right from their home page. The first thing you see when scrolling is a free ebook which is great for gaining trust. We just wish it was instantly available to us after signing up. Perhaps a conversion form would have been better.

It’s also extremely nice that you can chat right on their website.

Sawyer Home Inspections – Somerset, MA

Sawyer Home Inspections - Somerset, MA

While we’re not in love with the lack of a call to action at the top of this site, it still has a pleasing flow that tells you about its service. A huge improvement would be to make the book online link in the menu stand out a lot more, then this website would be even better. The information is there on this website, just a bit of contrast needs to be added to make certain things stand out more.

The Inspectors – Parkville, MD

The Inspectors - Parkville, MD

Sometimes simple is the best route for a great website. That’s what The Inspectors did and it turned out great. Their use of vibrant colors that make information stand out looks amazing. Not to mention, their calls to action are big and stand out on the page. As you scroll down the home page everything is clear with large text that’s easy to read and scan.

There’s a lot to like about this website and we appreciate its simplicity of it. We’re sure visitors appreciate the simplicity also as it makes it super easy for them to find what they’re looking for and get a free estimate.

Continental Home Inspections – Charlotte, NC

Continental Home Inspections - Charlotte, NC

Contrast can add a lot to a website. Some of the best websites on the internet make certain information stand out and make it easy for visitors to spot information. There could be a bit more consistency in the inspection request/book buttons but that’s not a huge deal. It’s still a great website with red interspersed to draw attention to important information.

There’s a whole section dedicated to their reviews. That’s absolutely the way to build trust with visitors and offer some social proof to your website. The flow of the website is great and it all ends with contact methods and a contact form. But, the schedule of an inspection is more thorough and easier but it’s also easy to get to. Great website!

New Charlotte Home Inspections – Charlotte, NC

New Charlotte Home Inspections - Charlotte, NC

Charlotte was representing when we were out browsing for the best home inspection websites. This is another that did a great job of using contrast to make important pieces of information stand out. The green is a bit fluorescent but it works well because it creates a high level of contrast.

The terminology used across the website is consistent and stands out. Not to mention, it’s easy to call them if that’s your cup of tea. I can’t think of anything that could be done better on this website. It’s informative, has social proof, and makes it easy to convert in a few different ways.

Wilson Home Inspections – Memphis, TN

Wilson Home Inspections - Memphis, TN

We liked this website because of its simplicity and the fact they have every bit of important information right at the top of the page. You don’t have to scroll at all to see what they specialize in, where they serve, how to contact them, and how to schedule an inspection. It’s all right up top which makes it easy for visitors just looking for the basic info.

While they have a testimonials link, I think that should be removed, and instead, testimonials would better serve on the home page just below the fold. Other than that, this website is very well done.

Austin Property Inspections – Austin, TX

Austin Property Inspections - Austin, TX

This is a nice-looking website with a very clean look. While it’s a good website, there are a few things that should be done to make it every better. We like the simplicity of the information and the ease of booking. Here’s what we’d do to fix it: secure the darn website! This one is essential because they ask for personal information on an unsecured website. That’s a huge no-no. Every website should be secure through and through, there’s no excuse otherwise. Second, add a bit of contrast to the book now buttons and that’s it!

It just needs two things to be at its best. It already has social proof and more so we’re happy with the way the website looks as long as those two essential pieces are improved upon.

Sage Inspectors – Aztec, NM

Sage Inspectors - Aztec, NM

It’s not very often you see a website with side navigation anymore but it works quite well. Side navigation used to be how every website was built but it lost popularity over time. When done well, though, it still works quite well. The large logo and spacious design help make it easy to navigate and understand. Not to mention there’s a good call to action that follows you down the page as you scroll.

A little more contrast could have been added to the schedule an inspection button but other than that, the information is easy to read and there’s plenty of white space to make scanning the information easy. Overall this is a nice-looking website that flows well with plenty of conversion optimization.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you’re convinced of the importance of websites for marketing your home inspector business online. These best home inspector websites are great examples of doing a website right which can help you get more customers online. If you’re looking to spiff up your image online and build more trust with potential customers, a website revamp is the way to go.

When you work with a good web designer, they’ll know exactly how to help build your home inspector website to look good and convert well. Use these examples of great websites so you know what to look for when you’re ready to take your home inspector marketing to the next level

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