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Citations Dead? Business Closed Sign.

Have Citations In Local Business Directories Had Their Day?

Some say citations are no longer important and others say they’re the most important thing since sliced bread. Neither one is correct. Citations are still an essential piece of the puzzle to get a better ranking in the places that do matter. It’s true that most business directories are essentially useless for getting direct business. […]

Web Design & Development Difference

Website Design & Development – What’s The Difference?

Websites are more complex than most people would like to think. It’s easy, right? Throw together a few pages with a template and presto, a new website. At least that’s what tools like Wix and Squarespace make you believe. The truth is, these are just tools similar to how Microsoft Word makes you an expert […]

Is The Information on Your Business Listing Wrong?

Is The Information on Your Business Listing Wrong?

Do you know if the information on your business listing is wrong? Whether your listings are wrong or not, you should be able to answer that question definitively even if the answer is yes. The first step in getting things corrected is to understand if you have a problem Once you know there’s a problem […]

Local Business Listing Benefits

Local Business Listing Benefits And Why Managing Them Creates Explosive Growth

What is the goal of your business? Maybe to provide you and your family a comfortable living or perhaps improve your standard of living. Whatever it is, maintaining an active local business listing benefits your business and will create more growth for you. That means you’ll be putting yourself on a path to meet the […]

Google Business Directory Management

The Importance Of Google Business Directory Management

Google business directory management is one of the most important parts of getting fresh organic leads online. It’s where most people start their search for a business online. But that’s for new customers. What about referrals? We all know referrals are the best kind of customer in any industry, that’s a given. So does that […]

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Business Listings Management 101 – The Local Marketing Basics

Business listings management is an essential part of getting your business ranked highly in searches relevant to you getting more business. But first, I have a really interesting story for you. I received a call today from a company that deceptively led me to believe they worked directly with Google. I knew they didn’t. They […]

Flower Bouquets

8 Websites To Market Your Florist Business On

You know the best arrangements come from your local shop that’s dedicated to serving the community with quality and dedication. We know that too which is why we want every local florist to succeed and take home more of their hard-earned cash. That’s why we wanted to put together this list of where you should […]

WordPress logo behind secured locks

How To Keep WordPress Secure: Eight Things You MUST Do

If your WordPress website is on the internet your website needs to be kept secure. Every website needs some work to be made secure and remain secure. Even the simplest installation of WordPress needs to be actively secured. Our clients don’t have to worry for the most part because we work hard to keep all […]

Local Business Storefront USA - Cowboy Bar

The Meaning Of Business Listings Management

The meaning of business listings management in its simplest form is managing your business information on online directories. That means you’re actively: Creating directory listings for your business (if they don’t exist). Making sure the information about your business is always accurate and consistent. Keeping them fresh with new information about your business and always […]

Angry Customer on Cell Phone

6 Reasons Inaccurate Directory Listings Hurt Your Business

As a local business owner, you’re often the sales team, marketing team, and customer service team all rolled into one. You don’t want all your efforts to be in vain though which is why accurate business directory listings are essential. Inaccurate directory listings can harm you irreparably and no matter how hard you try, all […]

Website Maintenance Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Website?

Every website needs some sort of maintenance whether it’s a static website or the most advanced content management system (CMS) in the world. There are pieces of maintaining a website that you absolutely can’t do without, such as hosting. Without hosting there is no website. Then there are things that you can do without but […]

HVAC Contractor Checking AC

9 Websites HVAC Contractors Should Use To Promote Themselves

If you build it, they will come isn’t the reality and business owners know this. If you already have an awesome HVAC website and you need to know where you can get clients, this is where you should start. These 9 websites will give you a great starting point for promoting your HVAC business on […]

Golden Rules of Web Design - Laptop On Table With Golden Items

5 Golden Rules of Web Design

If you plan on building a website or if you do it for a living already, pay attention. These are the 5 golden rules of web design you must follow. By ignoring these rules then you’re devaluing your time, the effectiveness of your website, and the ignoring website visitors. Don’t ever have the mentality that…

Top 10 Directories To Promote Your Plumbing Business

Top 10 Directories To Promote Your Plumbing Business

Stuff about the importance of listing your plumbing business online. Directories To List Your Plumbing Business Google My Business Yelp Angie’s List Home Advisor Thumbtack Facebook Bing Places Yellow Pages Conclusion That’s it! Not free but use Google Service Ads. They’re only available to the service industry and a great way to pick up new…

How Much Does A Website Cost?

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Answering the question of how much it is to get a website designed by a professional is a loaded question. There are so many variations that make it near impossible to answer in a well-defined way. If I were to answer the question in certain terms with well-defined numbers it wouldn’t be very helpful. Here,…

10 Holiday Shopping Website Designs Done Right

10 Holiday Shopping Website Designs Done Right

The holiday season is upon us with a few holidays already done and over for this year. The big ones are still coming, though. In the United States, the biggest of them all is that restless day after being cooped up for an entire day. Yes, I’m talking about black Friday, the traditional kick-off to […]

9 Places You Should Promote Your Law Firm

12 Websites You Should Promote Your Law Firm On

If you search Google for any of your law firm’s specialties there are a handful of directory websites that are going to come up first. These are the places where you need to list your law firm because they matter the most. The order of these directories may vary for your location but they’re all […]

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