Top 10 Directories To Promote Your Plumbing Business

Top 10 Directories To Promote Your Plumbing Business

What’s the #1 way to promote your plumbing business and get more qualified leads? Be seen where people are looking for plumbers!

People use search engines and directories to find a plumber that is available to do the job. That means promoting your plumbing business means you should be listed on at least these 10 directories.

Of course, there is a huge list of directories that are important, though these are undeniably the most important to promote your plumbing business on. Theseoness are just for you plumbers, though. The absolute most important directories.

Directories are still an important factor in getting your plumbing business ranked at the top of search results. That’s why we’ve put this list of the top directories for you.

If you want to take it a step further to grow your business, our Loclmark tool makes that easy by listing your business on the most important directories and keep them 100% accurate all the time. You can also get a free local business listings scan that will show you instantly how your listings are doing.

For those just wanting to get on the major directories NOW, this list of top directories for a plumbing business will do just the trick.

Directories To List Your Plumbing Business

And now for the list of the best directories, you should get your plumbing business listed on. Most of these are free, some of them are relatively inexpensive. In any case, get your business listed and focus on the top 1 or 2 to build authentic reviews on.

Google Business Profile

This is the most important directory for your plumbing business. It’s not so much a business directory but it will get your business listed in Google searches and on a lot of map applications including Google Maps.

When someone searches Google for a plumber in their city, one of the first things that shows up is the 3-pack (because there are 3 businesses in it). That’s a great place to be at best but if you don’t make it into the 3-pack then the “more places” link is good too.

San Jose Plumber - Google Local Search 3-Pack

You may also want to explore using Google Local Service Ads which only certain industries can even use. Plumbing is one of the lucky industries that can use Local Service Ads. The service ads come up even before the 3-pack so they’re a great addition to organically increasing your business.


Claiming your Yelp profile and filling it out completely is essential for your plumbing business.


Because Yelp gets a lot of visitors who are searching for stuff and many other sources pull information from Yelp. Most of the business information that’s found in Apple Maps (a huge source for new clients) comes from Yelp.

Not only do other services pull in information from Yelp but many search results are top 10 lists from Yelp. Those are some of the most highly sought after positions to be in for any business. People trust those top 10 lists and being on one of them could mean a huge source of new clients.

San Jose Plumber - Google Search Organic Results

The top 2 organic search results in Google are Yelp top 10 lists. Those are even more important than being the next result which is an actual business.


Listing your plumbing business on Angi is free, and their audience is primarily focused on home services. That’s perfect for establishing your plumbing business and letting others know you’re a real business.

You can pay for leads on Angi also which may be something you want to explore if you’re willing to pay to bring in a new client.

Home Advisor

This is one of the only directories on this list which isn’t free. You will have to pay to have a profile on Home Advisor but you do get some special benefits.

Part of the cost to be on Home Advisor means they verify your business with a background check. That means you’re a verified business and therefore more trustworthy. With that you can purchase leads on Home Advisor which may be a great option when you’re just starting to grow your plumbing business.


This is another pay-per-lead service but the great part is that it’s free to create a profile. You can become a pro and complete your profile for absolutely no cost.

You can even get reviews on your profile which means you could potentially get clients from Thumbtack without paying anything. If you want to get more clients, though, you can pay to contact potential clients.

That doesn’t guarantee you get the lead, though because several companies may be paying to contact a potential client.


You can create your profile for free on Porch and choose to pay as you go if you like. There’s also a vetted pro program with Porch so you can get verified and look more trustworthy.

Any way you look at it, it’s a good idea to set up your profile completely on Porch.


This is one of the business essentials for every business in every industry. You can create a business page for free, set it all up completely, and even get recommendations on Facebook.

While Facebook is a great directory to set up your plumbing business, you may not get a lot of organic reach. Some people do use Facebook to search for local services though.

Bing Places

Just like Google Business Profile, Bing Places is a source of information for many other services. It’s important to set up your plumbing business completely on Bing Places, so your business shows up on Bing and other searches.

Bing Search Results - Local Plumbers

Bing pushes the local results down a bit further than Google but the maps results are still the first organic search results for local business.

That means setting up your plumbing business on Bing Places is essential.

Yellow Pages

Of all the directories or places where you need to list your plumbing business, the next 2 are the least important. That doesn’t mean they hold absolutely no importance, though.

Your business profile on Yellow Pages is helpful in establishing your plumbing business and letting others know you’re legit. It gives you another place where your business name and contact information is listed which other sources pay attention to.

While Yellow Pages is important, you’re not likely to get any new customers from it. Create your profile there anyway and don’t buy anything they’re selling.


Just like Yellow Pages, you’re not going to get any business from Manta but it’s a good place to establish your plumbing business. Their directory has a high level of authority which is important for many reasons besides getting direct customers.

Create your profile on Manta and create it as completely as you can but again, don’t buy what they’re selling.

Where Else?

Because you’re going for local customers it’s important to establish your business locally. That means a local business directory will play an important role in establishing your plumbing business locally.

You may not get direct business from a local directory but it will establish your business locally which is every bit as important. I, of course, can’t list all the local city business directories in the world but with a quick search you should be able to find one in your city (if one exists).

Try opening up your favorite search engine and do a search for CITY business directory. For another twist to see if you get anything different you can also search CITY free business directory.

San Jose Business Directory Google Search

Once you find (hopefully) a local business directory in your city, add your plumbing business! It’s not likely to get you a customer but search engines and other directories likely will find your business there.

The more established your plumbing business looks, the better.


The more established your plumbing business is on local directories, the more likely you are to get more customers online.

An important part of capturing more customers online is still a professional website. We specialize in building custom affordable websites for local businesses including plumbing businesses.

Be sure to get your plumbing business established and get the authentic reviews that will get you boosted to the top of search results.

Remember, the further up in search results you are, the more likely you are to be seen and contacted by customers.

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