Every food truck needs to be found wherever it is. After you have a great food truck website, more marketing is needed to really get found in your town. This list of websites will make it easy to get your food truck found when people are searching in your city.

These websites are free to market your food truck and allow you to be found no matter where you are in your city. Since hungry customers are all going to find you differently, it’s up to you to make sure your food truck is marketed everywhere online.

Good food truck website design is a first step to getting your food truck seen by new customers online. You can see the results of the best food truck websites on the internet. They’re always the top-rated in search engines also.

There’s more to getting your food truck seen online, though. You have to create as many profiles online and list your food truck website and information in as many places as possible. You can also use a local marketing automation tool like Loclmark that will help you list your food truck information in more places online while saving you more time to serve hungry guests.

Ready to get started with the websites you absolutely must list your food truck business on? Let’s go!

The Websites To List Your Food Truck Business On

Ready for the top websites you must list your food truck on to get a boost in business? Keep in mind these are just a start, but they’re free and completely local focused. That means they’re a great start for your local marketing but don’t stop here.

Keep going with your local marketing and connect with hungry locals to make your food truck a local legend.

Google Business Profile

As a food truck, you do qualify for a Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. Depending on how you operate, you can create your business listing as a permanent location with an address, or you can list your food truck as a service area business.

Whatever option fits how you run your food truck, make sure you post GBP posts regularly for any specials, locations you’ll be at, etc. This will keep your listing fresh and make sure you rank high. Also, don’t forget to get lots of reviews because Google is the most valuable place to list your food truck.


Yelp is a great place to list your food truck business. They even have a special category just for you and the top 10 lists all the best food trucks in your city. Make sure you complete your listing and aim to get some reviews, so you rank high in the food truck searches on Yelp.


While you do need to provide an address when signing up for a Nextdoor business page, you can hide it. Nextdoor is a spectacular place to connect with hungry neighbors too. You can post updates about where you’ll be and for those asking for a recommendation, answer the call and get a loyal customer!

Your happy foodies can also recommend your food trucks, which means more hungry patrons! Nextdoor is a great place to get in front of more hungry people and the basics are always free.


Love it or hate it (just like Yelp) but Facebook can be a great place to drive more customers to your food truck. You can list your business and keep your listing updated regularly with fresh posts letting people know about your specials and where you’re going to be located (if your truck travels).

There’s no reason not to create a Facebook page for your food truck, even if you hate Facebook/Meta.

Bing Places

Just like Google Business Profile, Bing shows local businesses for relevant local searches. And Bing Places is where you go to create your food truck listing for Bing. It’s not going to bring you a ton of business, but it will give you authority and could drive some hungry patrons your way some day.

Roaming Hunger

While you’re not going to build link authority or anything like that, Roaming Hunger can help get your food truck in front of more locals who are putting on events and such. You can get your food truck booked for events through the Roaming Hunger platform but of course it’ll cost you if you take the booking because they do take a fee. It may still be worth your while because their website ranks pretty well for local food trucks searches.


This is another website that dominates many search terms for local food trucks in your city. If you search for food truck near me or with your city in the search you’ll likely see this website. That means it could be worth your while to sign up even though it will cost if you’re booked through their website.


If you take the time to list your business in these general and niche directories, then you will have a great marketing start. Keep in mind that it is just a start, and it will be no magic bullet for tons of customers. Marketing is a long game that you must build over time, especially online.

If you want to get your food truck listed in even more places but are bust running your business, it’s probably best to check out a local marketing automation tool. It’s a great way to improve your local marketing, get seen by more local customers, and generate reviews which will build more trust, recommendations, and bring in more hungry people.

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