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Do you have a loyal following who knows where your food truck is going to be next? Is there a central location where your loyal followers can go to see where you are next? Social media is great for updates but there’s a lot of distraction that makes it more difficult to get seen by your followers.

A food truck website is different. Just like your food truck, it’s yours and is dedicated to your food truck and telling people what’s up with you. Your food truck website will work hard to make your food truck more available to fans.

  • Get found by local customers by making it easy to see where your food truck is.
  • Premium features that help your food truck website rank better in searches.
  • Let people learn how others love your food and what’s being served up.
  • Easily update your website with your up and coming locations.

Just think, your fans will be able to track your every move and see where they can get their fix. We specialize in building custom websites for local small businesses and we’d love to design your food truck website that will get you more customers.

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Food Truck Website Design

How A Website Will Help Your Food Truck Business

When your customers want their fix of your yummy for their tummy, one of the most dependable sources of information is your website. That’s what tells them where you’re going to be, your specials, and your regular menu.

Not only that but a well-made food truck website will make you look as good as you taste. You’ll have a website that makes you proud to send people to it and get links from event websites you’ll be at. All of that means a better rank when people search for food trucks in your area.

We specialize in building localized websites that are perfect for your food truck and improving your stance in the community. The more people find you when they search the more popular your food truck will become. Our specialty is building websites affordably to help your food truck get more visibility and business.

Not only that but with all the website extras we offer with the click of a button, you can easily improve your food truck visibility. You can’t go wrong with a local small business marketing strategy that will get you more customers.

Food Truck Websites We've Designed

Since food trucks are sometimes on the move and people want a reliable place to find where you’re located, a website is the best option. Social media is fragmented and not always trusted but these food truck websites create a unique home for these food trucks to how off everything about them in one unique package.

Food Truck Resources

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About The Food Truck Industry

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The food truck industry is huge already and growing every day. The total revenue in 2019 was $1 billion according to IBISWorld. The revenue is just one piece of information about how much the industry is growing. According to the same IBISWorld source, the growth of the food truck industry between 2014 and 2019 was 6.9%!

That’s huge!

There’s always growing room for a good food truck and with something delicious and unique there’s plenty of room to make your way. The convenience of food trucks and their ability to be where the people are make them a great business that’s sure to grow.

The best part is that you can start up a food truck on average for around $50,000 to $60,000 according to Foodee. That means you can bank role a food truck and potentially make $250,000 to $500,000 a year according to the same article.

Whatever your motivation or goal, the food truck industry is thriving. Part of a thriving food truck business is a great website that brings you new customers then brings them back again.

Ready for a professional and affordable Food Truck website?

Ready to up your Food Truck game and become the #1 Food Truckee in your city? A professional and unique Food Truck website will change the game for you.

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