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How To Set Up Apple Two-Factor Authentication For A Loclweb Website

Since the iOS 15 and Safari 15 releases, Apple now supports native two-factor authentication. If you’re embedded in the Apple ecosystem (MacBook, iPad, iPhone, etc.) then this makes things a lot easier. Now you can manage all your passwords and even 2FA codes right in the password manager. If you’re using Safari on an Apple […]

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How To Provide Feedback On Your Website

During the process of building your website, we’ll occasionally request that you provide feedback. The more information you can provide the better you will like your website. Without proper direction for what you like, we are going to design the website based on what is likely to convert the best by your visitors. Providing feedback […]

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How To Get The Image ID On Depositphotos

Every Loclweb website plan comes with a free image allotment of images depending on your plan. For us to find and purchase the images for you on Depositphotos we need the Image ID. Every image has an Image ID hidden in the details of the image. This article will help you find the Image ID […]

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How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication On Your Loclweb WordPress Website

These steps will help you enable two-factor authentication on your Loclweb WordPress website. It’s a great way to keep your website super secure. If you’re embedded in the Apple ecosystem, we also have instructions for setting up two-factor authentication with your Apple devices and the built-in password manager. Two-factor authentication (2FA) works by requiring you […]

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How To Create New Content For Your Website

You have many different options to publish content on your custom affordable website with Loclweb. Depending on the website type you purchased you can add different content types. Every website has the ability to publish a page or a post. If you have an eCommerce store then you’re also able to publish a product. There […]

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How To Create A New Page For Your Loclweb Website

You’ll need to be logged into your admin dashboard before you can create a new page for your website. Once you’re logged in you can follow these instructions to create a page. There are two types of pages you can add and these instructions will diverge at that point. The two options are standard page […]

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How To Access Your WordPress Website Admin Dashboard

You can log into your Loclweb WordPress website admin dashboard from anywhere in the world. You’ll learn how to log into your WordPress website admin dashboard and log out also. You can update any part of your website from the WordPress admin dashboard, including updating pages and blog posts. Recommendation: You should not log into […]

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What are the name servers for my website?

There are three scenarios where the Loclweb name servers may come into play. If you just registered your domain and don’t have a website then you can change your name servers without any issues. Your website is down anyway. If you currently have a website and are moving to our service, your current website will […]

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Install Google Tag Manager On Your Website

Your Loclweb website is built with WordPress, and we use Site Kit (a Google created plugin for WordPress) to provide you with Google Analytics for your website. Site Kit also allows you to connect your website seamlessly to Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, and Google AdSense. These instructions will walk you through installing Google Tag […]

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Learn About Copyrights and Legal Use Of Content On Website

Not everything you find online can be used on your website. That goes double for a business website. It’s against the law to copy text and images from the internet and use them on your website. It doesn’t matter where the image is located on the internet. If you find an image on Facebook that […]

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Where To Get High-Resolution Stock Images Online

Every website needs high-resolution images in order to design a good website. That means you need to get high-resolution images from somewhere. The best images are sourced from yourself which means pictures you took yourself or have had professionally done. There are other options for getting good high-resolution photos though. There are options that will […]

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5 Page Website Organization Ideas

The sky is the limit when it comes to a website. That doesn’t mean you should put everything you can on there though. A general good rule of thumb is to put anything your customer wants or needs to know in order to do business with you. If you need to share a lot of […]

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