How To Set Up Apple Two-Factor Authentication For A Loclweb Website

Since the iOS 15 and Safari 15 releases, Apple now supports native two-factor authentication. If you’re embedded in the Apple ecosystem (MacBook, iPad, iPhone, etc.) then this makes things a lot easier. Now you can manage all your passwords and even 2FA codes right in the password manager.

If you’re using Safari on an Apple computer (boo Chrome!) that makes it easy across the board. Now, when you log into a website that you have the credentials saved for and 2FA code saved for, the process is nearly always automated. It shows up right in the browser, and you’re authenticated by either Touch ID or Face ID (slick!).

The unfortunate part is that it’s fully automated only for about half the websites we’ve used Apple’s 2FA for. But that’s a lot better than using an authenticator app! It’s also as of right now not automated when logging into a Loclweb website, unfortunately. We rely on the Login Security app by Wordfence for our two-factor authentication, and it’s not working in there right now.

If you still want to stick with a 3rd party authenticator app, we still have general instructions for setting up two-factor authentication on your Loclweb website. It’s the best process for Android devices but for iOS, the native method is definitely superior.

It’s a breeze copying the 2FA code from your Safari password list and pasting it into the website, though.

You first have to set it all up. There are two parts to setting up two-factor authentication, and they are intertwined. You have to enable it on your Loclweb website and your iOS device in the same process.

Here’s how to do that starting with the Loclweb two-factor authentication setup in your website dashboard.

Setting Up Apple Two-Factor Authentication In iOS

You can set up Apple 2FA on your iPhone or iPad (they both have cameras) which are identical in process. These instructions are from an iPhone.

Let’s get started setting 2FA up!

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS Settings App

Step 2: Tap Passwords (you have to scroll down a bit).

iOS Passwords

Step 3: Search for your Loclweb website login information (likely indexed under your domain name).

Note: You have to already have your login credentials saved in your iOS password manager.

Step 4: Tap on your Loclweb website login credentials.

iOS passwords search and list.

Step 5: Tap Set Up Verification Code…

iOS password menu credentials.

Step 6: Tap Scan QR Code.

Setting up the 2FA verification code by scanning a QR code.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication On Your Loclweb Website

Enable two-factor authentication in your Loclweb website.

You must log into your Loclweb admin dashboard to enable 2FA on your website and complete the setup.

Step 7: Click Login Security.

Step 8: Point your phone at the QR code on your Loclweb dashboard 2FA setup screen (also step 8 in the above image).

Scanning a QR code.

Step 9: Either copy or download a copy of the backup codes in case you lose your device and need to get back into your website.

Step 10: Input your verification code into your Loclweb 2FA setup screen (also step 10 in the dashboard image below).

Accessing the iOS verification code for 2FA authentication.
Finishing enabling 2FA authentication in a Loclweb website.

Step 11: Click Activate.

That’s it! You have now enabled two-factor authentication on your Loclweb website and iOS device. The 2FA screen on your website will look like this.

The final enabled 2FA screen of a Loclweb website

You can deactivate 2FA (not recommended!) or generate new recovery codes if you run out of your old recovery codes.

When you log into your Loclweb website, the login screen will have the standard username/password login screen first. After you log in with those, you’ll be presented with the 2FA code screen.

Since you’re likely to be logging into your Loclweb website on the computer, you can get your 2FA code in Safari by going to Safari > Preferences > Passwords

Logging Into Loclweb 2FA-Protected Site With Apple 2FA

These instructions show you how to use your Loclweb two-factor authentication from your Apple laptop in Safari 15 or greater. You can set up 2FA on your iPhone and use it on any of your other devices as long as you’re logged into the same iCloud account and have iCloud sync turned on.

It doesn’t get any more seamless or simple as this. You can even ask Siri to open the password for any of your accounts!

When you log into your Loclweb admin dashboard everything will work the same as before You’ll be asked for your username and password which should be in your passwords list already, so you simply have to authenticate with Touch ID (or Face ID if you’re logging in on your iPad Pro or iPhone).

Next up is the 2FA information.

Accessing the 2FA verification code in Safari 15.

Step 1: Click the Safari menu.

Step 2: Click Preferences…

Step 3: Click the Passwords tab.

Searching for the account and copying the 2FA verification code

Step 4: Search for your Loclweb website URL and login credentials.

Step 5: Click your Loclweb website credentials.

Step 6: Click the Verification Code number.

Step 7: Click Copy Verification Code.

Note: Take note of the countdown timer in the text below the verification code. The code does expire every 30 seconds so you shouldn’t copy a code if you only have 5 seconds left to authenticate it.

Step 8: Paste the 2FA Code.

Step 9: Select the Remember for 30 days box if you’d to remember your authentication code for 30 days.

Step 10: Click Log In.

Entering the 2FA code to log into your Loclweb website.

You are now logged into your Loclweb website admin dashboard. If you selected to remember your device for 30 days you won’t be bothered with authenticating using 2FA for another 30 days.

Last updated October 24, 2021

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