How To Clear Your Loclweb WordPress Website Cache

Sometimes odd things can happen to the look of your website. This is often due to an issue with the cache of your website. Unfortunately this is something that’s extremely common in the pursuit of ever faster websites.

If you find your website looks odd or the Page Builder isn’t functioning or saving quite right, a quick clear of the cache will typically resolve all these issues.

This article will help you clear the main cache on your Loclweb WordPress website. You first need to be logged into your website’s dashboard. Once you’re in there, you can follow these instructions to clear your cache.

Steps for clearing the Loclweb WordPress website cache.

Step 1: Click Settings.

Step 2: Click WP Rocket.

Note: WP Rocket is the cache plugin we use for your WordPress website to speed up your pages and make them load faster for everyone. This is one of our optimization methods in order to provide you with a website that loads extremely fast.

Step 3: Click the Clear Cache button. This will reload the page and show the below dated message at the top of the screen that the cache has been cleared.

Loclweb WordPress Website cache cleared message.

Once you see this message, try loading your website in a private window to see if this resolved the issue. If not, continue one.

Step 4: Click the Preload Cache button. This process takes a bit longer, so please be patient. The page will reload, and you’ll see the following message at the top of the screen. If you refresh the screen, the progress will update until you get the completion message.

Loclweb WordPress Website Preload in process.

You will see the following message when the preload cache process is complete.

Loclweb WordPress Website Preload complete.

Check your website in a private window to see if the issue is resolved. If not, continue to the last step.

Alternate step for regenerating critical CSS.

You may not have the Clear Used CSS button in the image above. Instead, you could have a Regenerate Critical CSS button which should be performed instead of clearing the used CSS.

Step 5: Click the Clear Used CSS or Regenerate Critical CSS button. Your page will reload, and you’ll see the following message at the top of the screen.

Loclweb WordPress Website remove unused CSS in progress.
Loclweb WordPress Website regenerate critical CSS progress.

This process may take a while but typically won’t be necessary. Once the process has completed (for Critical CSS generation you’ll have to refresh the page), you’ll see one of the following messages which you can dismiss (or click the X). Now you can try your website again in a private window to see if the issue is resolved.

Loclweb WordPress Website remove unused CSS completion message.

If the issue with your website is still not resolved, the cache likely isn’t the issue. Either a change was made that is incorrect and messed up the page or something else is wrong with your website. Please open a ticket, so we can look into the issue.

There is one other place where you can clear the cache, but this doesn’t typically create issues on the front-end of your website for end-users. It may sometimes resolve issues with the front end of your website when viewed through the page builder, though.

How To Clear The Page Builder Cache

You likely will never have to clear this cache, but it’s good to know where it is in case you’d like to try clearing it to resolve an issue. This is for the page builder cache and will regenerate CSS and JavaScript files.

Loclweb WordPress Website Clear Page Builder Cache

Step 1: Click Settings.

Step 2: Click Page Builder.

Step 3: Click the Tools tab.

Step 4: Click the Clear Cache button.

That’s it! A generic notice will show up at the top of your dashboard stating that the settings were updated.

Last updated August 28, 2022

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