What are the name servers for my website?

There are three scenarios where the Loclweb name servers may come into play.

  1. If you just registered your domain and don’t have a website then you can change your name servers without any issues. Your website is down anyway.
  2. If you currently have a website and are moving to our service, your current website will go down if you change your name servers. We’ll work with you to make a smooth transition if you already have a website and want a smooth transition.
  3. If we provided your domain then there’s nothing on your website yet. You also don’t have to do anything because we’ll set your name servers up for you.

When the time comes to change your name servers, here is what you should use:

  • ns1.c37629.sgvps.net (
  • ns2.c37629.sgvps.net (

Every domain registrar has a different way to change name servers. If you don’t know how to change yours you can search how to change name servers on XYZ. So, for GoDaddy you would search for “change name servers on GoDaddy.”

Here’s how to change your name servers on some of the more popular domain registrars:

Last Updated On April 30, 2019