Why do I have to pay a monthly subscription?

All of our plans have a monthly subscription fee because we offer you a lot every month.

You get the following with every website plan:

  • A weekly report with lots of valuable information about your website.
  • Unlimited minor updates to your website anytime you need it.
  • Hosting for your website (a website without a host is just a bunch of files on your computer).
  • Your domain included (your domain makes it easy for people to remember instead of a difficult computer IP address like
  • Real-time scanning around the clock to make sure malicious traffic is found and blocked.
  • Around the clock monitoring so you know if your website goes down (you’ll even get notified if it does!).
  • Access to premium WordPress plugins and themes for features that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars each year alone.
  • Regular updates of the website software (WordPress), plugins, and themes so it’s sure to be secure, work well, and you’ll get new features as they’re tested and released.
  • Daily backups of our servers in case your website crashes or something gets messed up.

And that’s not even a complete list of everything we provide you! As you can see there’s a lot we provide you each month. We want to make sure you have access to all of this so your website can do amazing things for you.

Never To Lock You In

You don’t have to pay a subscription fee so we can lock you in. That’s not our goal.

In fact, we are so confident you’ll love our service and our worry-free websites that we’re completely transparent about everything. We use WordPress which is the most common content management system and we give you full access to your content.

That means you can export your website anytime and cancel your service with us. You take everything with you. The content won’t look the same but you will have the content. That is, it won’t look the same unless you use the same plugins. Just ask if you want to know what that is.

That’s about as transparent as we can be. We want to give you the best so you won’t leave but if you grow out of our service then we give you the option to leave.

Website hosting is only $x/month, why’s this so expensive?

This is way more than just hosting. Even with web hosting, you’ll find dramatically varying prices. Bluehost? It sure is cheap but you get what you pay for! We don’t touch that stuff! Your business is more valuable than that, treat it as such. We host your website on top-notch servers with top-notch uptime and top-notch speed. It’s fast, dependable, and secure.

Your site will be hosted on SiteGround which is a top-notch WordPress hosting provider. That would cost you at least $35/month alone because we give you all the speed and features that their GoGeek plan provides plus a lot more!

As if that wasn’t enough, you’re getting access to a lot more than just a top-notch host. WordPress is free but many of the best plugins are not and we use many of the best WordPress plugins.

You get the best SEO plugin, Beaver Builder and Themer which aren’t cheap. You’d be paying more than $600/year for all the premium plugins we provide you access to.

Now does $44/month sound like a deal?

It is an incredible deal!

The security scans we do and the security software we use also costs money. That’s not included in normal hosting. These are things you absolutely must have but unfortunately, most people won’t tell you that. They want to get you for the cheapest price they can (so they look good!) but then they leave you hanging a year down the road.

If you buy a WordPress website for $299 (yes I’ve seen them that cheap) one-time fee then you’re getting conned. They will give you either poor quality cheap plugins and themes or it will be stolen, never updated, and vulnerable to malicious activity. In either case, you’re not going to get the updates you need to keep your website secure, fast, and feature-rich.

You should be paying at least $29/month for the minimum maintenance of your website. Anything less and they’re delivering shotty service with cut corners that will eventually harm you to the point where your website may not recover. Of course we do much more than that and even $49/month is a steal. You get 100% security, speed, and premium plugin access with your premium website designed for you.

That’s why our websites have a subscription fee. We deliver value to make sure your business does well online.

Last updated November 13, 2020

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