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Can I have live chat on my website?

Absolutely! You just need to sign up for a live chat service (of which there are many) and provide us with the code. We’ll work with you to get the right code and we’ll take care of embedding it onto your website so the chat shows up. There are many great live chat applications online […]

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Do I pay taxes on affiliate program referral income?

Yes, you will have to pay local taxes and claim your income you earn from the Loclweb affiliate program. We don’t take any taxes out for you. That means you’re responsible for paying any applicable taxes on your earnings. If your earnings are over $600 we will report those earnings. Either way, you are still […]

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How long does it take to get approved for the affiliate program?

After you have applied to the Loclweb affiliate program, it can take up to 5 business days to get approved for the affiliate program. It is unusual to take this long to get approved, though. Typical approval happens between 1 business day and 3 business days. You’re always welcome to contact us to follow up […]

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When do I get paid from your affiliate program?

Payments are made on the 15th of every month for approved referrals. Each referral you make is immediately placed into our system as pending. The referral will be marked as approved once the grace period has passed which is 30 days for sign-up fees. The reason for this grace period is that we have a […]

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How many pages should I have on my website?

Most of our plan levels are based on the number of pages you need except for the eCommerce plan. The eCommerce plan contains limited pages but products can be added on as necessary. How do you decide how many pages your website needs? That’s something that’s unique for every business but here’s a good rule […]

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What WordPress plugins are available to use on my website?

We use several premium plugins while designing your website and you’re welcome to do even more with them also. Premium Plugins You Can Use Page Builder (for designing custom pages quickly) Premium Page Builder Ultimate AddOn (lots of optional modules for the page builder) Themer (for creating a custom themed header, footer, and template pages) […]

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What is a high-res image?

A high-resolution image for use on the internet needs to be at least 1920 pixels wide or tall. That doesn’t mean your image should be published on your website at that dimension. We want a high-resolution image so we can size it properly. Images for your website depend on many different factors, specifically how we can use […]

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Do I need a host for my website?

No. We are your website hosting provider. This is part of what’s included in your monthly subscription fee among many other features. Your website with us is unlimited in pages you can create and content you can upload within reason. That means you can’t store files on your website for use elsewhere or just to […]

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Why do I have to pay a monthly subscription?

All of our plans have a monthly subscription fee because we offer you a lot every month. You get the following with every website plan: A weekly report with lots of valuable information about your website. Unlimited minor updates to your website anytime you need it. Hosting for your website (a website without a host […]

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