What is a high-res image?

A high-resolution image for use on the internet needs to be at least 1920 pixels wide or tall. That doesn’t mean your image should be published on your website at that dimension. We want a high-resolution image so we can size it properly.

Images for your website depend on many different factors, specifically how we can use them. Here’s are some examples:

  • An image that is 1920px wide can be used on all web pages for almost any purpose.
  • If your image is 1920px tall then it cannot span the width of the screen unless it is also at least 1280px wide.
  • An image can be considered high-resolution for a website at 768px square. We can use these images for many purposes except making it span the browser width.

The term high-res image is relative so there is no right answer in most cases. Our requirements for high-res images will be different than another’s requirements.

If an image isn’t big enough and needs to be stretched then pixelation will occur. Nobody likes pixelation and we especially don’t. We want you to have a professional website so we may tell you that we cannot use some images for specific purposes.

We’ll let you know though so you don’t have to guess. The more images you provide us in high-resolutions the better off your website will be.

Last updated November 17, 2020

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