Do I need a host for my website?

No. We are your website hosting provider. This is part of what’s included in your monthly subscription fee among many other features.

Your website with us is unlimited in pages you can create and content you can upload within reason. That means you can’t store files on your website for use elsewhere or just to store them. We’re not a file storage server, sorry.

You don’t need a host for your website but we have many of the same limitations as most website hosts will hold you to. That means we aren’t a file server and we aren’t a video hosting server either. You are welcome to embed videos from websites like Vimeo and YouTube but not store any video larger than 10 MB on your website.

We do limit each file to an upload size of 10 MB but no limit on numbers. If you add too much content to your website (it would take a lot!) and slow down your website then you are responsible for cleaning things up a bit and maintaining a clean house.

We do reserve the right to evict you from your website if we deem you are using unreasonable resources and not properly maintaining your content. We hope we never have to do this (haven’t yet!) but we can as agreed to in our terms of service. We don’t want to do that and it probably won’t happen with any reasonable website. We do reserve the right to though.

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