Review Reach


Review reach is a review management platform that makes it easy to turn your customers into public brand advocates. It makes it simple to acquire more authentic reviews on any directory website.

You’ll be able to

  • Get valuable feedback from your customers.
  • Turn good feedback into good reviews on any review website.
  • Turn bad feedback into an opportunity to improve your service.
  • Reduce unhappy customers and easily identify what you can improve in your business.
  • Send unlimited emails requests to customers.
  • Send up to 200 text messages per month (additional text messages are available for $10 for increments of 200. Price may vary outside the US & Canada)
  • Order custom cards to hand out to customers.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Increase the quantity to add more than one business location. There’s no contract, you can cancel anytime.

Save big when you pay yearly.

Review Reach is a powerful review management platform that makes it easy and more effective to turn your customer’s feedback into reviews. That means a higher ranking in search and more credibility for your business that everyone can see. Because so much emphasis is put on reviews today, collecting reviews is essential to your growth strategy. It’s easy to acquire authentic reviews for any business directory with Review Reach.

Every customer that comes through your door is an opportunity to turn them into more business. How do you turn a customer into someone that will help promote your business? Make sure they have every opportunity to leave a review. Review Reach starts with a customer survey sent to your customer through text or email. That feedback lets you get valuable feedback for your business. After the feedback, the last step is to ask if your customer will leave a review on a review website you choose. Because fresh reviews on a varied number of websites is important, Review Reach makes it easy to choose a few sites you’d like to get reviews on.

Review Reach is a great tool to manage your customer feedback and grow your business online with powerful social proof that helps your business grow.

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