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Big things come in small packages and that goes double for Bakersfield with growth and opportunity everywhere. Of course, technology and the internet is playing a big part in that growth.

We’re here to help Bakersfield businesses reach their customers online. Our passion is building your business an affordable website that’s professional and will get your business in front of more local customers whether they’re coming back from the California Living Museum or on a shopping trip around town.

You have more opportunity to stand out and we’re here to make sure you do stand out. It all starts with a professional website that can be found in Bakersfield and the surrounding area. That starts with a well-optimized website and localized to be found in local searchers. We’re here to help.

Because getting more local customers requires a good local marketing plan, we’ve developed a 3-step local marketing strategy and the tools to help you grow online.

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Doing Business In Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a business-friendly city that’s ripe for growing your business. There are opportunities for your local business to reach local customers and that’s only going to increase.

If you play your cards right with a good local marketing strategy then you’ll get in front of more customers who are searching for what you do in Bakersfield. Not only that but search engines are better than ever at surfacing local businesses within communities if they know about your business.

That means if you have a good website that’s built for how consumers search and it’s locally optimized then you will benefit from that. Our expertise is in building websites for local Bakersfield businesses that want to reach local customers.

Not only that but we’ve developed an excellent 3-step marketing strategy that helps your business reach more local customers and improve your reputation online. Our tool, Loclweb Marketing, is built to get your business listed everywhere and make it easy to improve your reputation.

Your customers pull out their smartphones when they need to find something online. That’s often a business they need to find and you can benefit greatly if they find you. That’s why we build your website with responsive web design which means it doesn’t matter if potential customers find you on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll look amazing!

Business Resources In Bakersfield

These resources are helpful for starting and running a local business in Bakersfield.  None of them will compare with an affordable website, but they are great resources to help grow your business.

  • CSU Bakersfield SBDC – Free resources available from the Small Business Development Center at CSU Bakersfield including consulting, training, and other resources.
  • Greater Bakersfield Chamber – A great local chamber of commerce where you can get resources and if you join get a valuable link in their local business directory!
  • Mono County Business Support – A great resource page maintained by Mono County with resources that are located in Bakersfield too.
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