How To Set Up An Automated Review Acquisition Campaign In Loclmark To Get More Online Reviews

Acquiring reviews can be a painful process of constant emails, followups, customer management, and tracking. Not when you automate your local marketing with Loclmark. Loclmark makes it easy to create a review acquisition campaign that takes care of all the time-wasting tasks for you and shows you the results.

Few people will remember to leave you reviews. If you follow up with them and then remind them to leave your business a review then you’ll increase your rank in search results and improve trust in your business.

That’s why you need to acquire as many reviews as possible. Loclmark makes that easy for these tasks. The first step is to create an acquisition campaign and customize it for you. Once you do that, then you can keep adding users to increase your reviews. Loclmark takes care of all the emails, followup, and more. You just have to sit back and watch more customers roll in.

You’ll find the following topics inside this help article:

Here’s how you can get started generating more reviews.

Create A New Review Acquisition Campaign

You can create any number of review campaigns as you’d like. A great way to organize them is by review sites that you’d like to focus on getting reviews for. For example, you can create one campaign to focus on generating reviews for Google My Business and another focusing on reviews on Facebook.

Here’s how to get started creating your first review acquisition campaign in Loclmark.

First, log into your Loclmark dashboard.

Create a new review acquisition campaign in Loclmark for local marketing automation.

Step 1: Click on the Reviews tab in Loclmark.

Step 2: Click the Review Acquisitions sub-tab.

Step 3: Click the Acquire New Reviews button.

Select the SMS/Email review acquisigion method.

Step 4: Click the Select button for the SMS/Email box.

Note: You can also create a review page from a static URL, but this is not the optimal way to generate new reviews.

Step 1 building your review acquisition campaign.

Step 4: Type a name for your review acquisition campaign that reminds you of what it is and the goal of this specific campaign (ie. Google My Business/Facebook Review Acquisition).

Step 5: Click the Select location manually link.

Select business location for review acquisition campaign.

Step 6: Select the location you’d like to generate reviews for in this campaign. You will only have one option if you only have one location. If you have multiple locations then you can select multiple or just one location.

Step 7: Click the Apply and save button.

Move onto step 2 of setting up the review acquisition campaign.

Step 8: Click the Step 02: Email/SMS Details box.

Set up review acquisition campaign settings in Loclmark.

Step 9: Select the type of review acquisition campaign you’d like to send. You can choose one, the other, or both.

Step 10: Type your email address if someone replies directly to one of your review request emails.

Step 11: Type a short but sweet email subject that will get your review request email opened.

Step 12: Type a short email header that introduces the purpose of the email. Something as simple as “We appreciate that you chose us and would love to hear how your experience was” is perfect.

Review request email.

Step 13: Elaborate a bit more on your ask. You can also include keywords that lead the reviewer to write about terms that you are trying to rank for.

Step 14: Choose the review site(s) you’d like to focus on getting reviews for. You can select up to two so your customer has options.

Step 15: Click the Add another review site link to add a new review site or if you have none added, add your first. If you’ve connected your Google My Business and Facebook profiles then you’ll likely at least have these already available.

This is what it looks like when you add a new review site. You can get the URL for the review site from the site itself. For example, Google My Business shows in the profile a link for requesting new reviews.

Add new review generation site.

Step 16: Select a review site for your SMS messages if you chose to send SMS campaign messages also.

Note: You won’t see the SMS Content box if you didn’t select it in step 9.

Step 17: Click the gear icon to configure the details of followup emails. You can skip this section if you do not want to configure the followup emails.

Review Acquisition Settings

Step 18: Select how many days after the first review request email you’d like Loclmark to follow up.

Step 19: Write a custom email subject. Be sure this one is different than the first one. If your customer is receiving a follow up email then the first one likely didn’t catch their attention enough for them to open it.

Step 20: Write custom email content that shows up in the review email. Make this personal and catchy. Be you.

Step 21: Select the number of days after the second follow up that you’d like a third follow up to be sent.

Step 22: Write a custom subject.

Step 23: Customize your email heading, which is the first part of the review request email.

Step 24: Write custom email content. This will show just above the review sites so clarify your ask.

Step 25: Click the Save Settings button.

Step 26: Click the final review acquisition configuration box for recipients (shown in the previsous image).

Configure Email/SMS details for the Loclmark review acquisition campaign.

Step 27: Type in your customer’s name.

Step 28: Type in the customers email address or phone number.

Note: The phone number should include the area code and phone number, not the country code (i.e. use 9162185555 instead of 19162185555).

Note: You can continue to click the Add another customer link to add more lines for more customers.

Step 29: If you do not want to enter customer’s names individually you can download the CSV template and upload all your customers this way.

Step 30: Click the Schedule this Acquisition button.

Launch or schedule your review acquisition campaign.

Step 31: Choose whether you’d like to launch the campaign now or schedule it for a specific date and time.

Step 32: Click the Launch Acquisition button.

Review campaign stats.

Step 33: Review all your review acquisition campaigns in this box or use the filters above to show certain campaigns.

Step 34: Review how many emails and texts were sent as well as the open rate, click rate, and if the followups were sent.

Here is what the initial email sent to your customer will look like.

Review request email.

That’s it! Your review request email and/or texts will be sent to your customers. You can also add more users to any campaign or review more details of each campaign. Check out the following sections for how you can perform those steps.

Add Users To Your Review Acquisition Campaign

If you send out a review acquisition campaign once and call it quits, then you also quit on your business. Reviews always need to come in, and they always need to be fresh. That’s why you should always be asking your customer if you can send them a quick followup to get their feedback.

Once you set up an acquisition camaign you’ll want to constantly add new customers to it. This section will help you do that once you’ve launched the initial campaign.

Here’s how to do that from the Reviews tab in Loclmark.

Add more users to a review acquisition.

Step 1: Click on the Add more users link for the acquisition campaign you’d like to add users to.

Fill out all the fields for adding more users.

Step 2: Enter your customer’s name.

Step 3: Enter your customer’s email address or text number. If your campaign was only set up with one or the other then you’ll only see one option for this step.

Note: The phone number should include the area code and phone number, not the country code (i.e. use 9162185555 instead of 19162185555).

Step 4: Click Add another customer if you want to add information for more than one customer.

Step 5: Click the Done button.

That’s it! Once you click done the new customer’s will be added to the review acquisition campaign, and they’ll be sent the messages you set up and any followup emails you set up for that campaign.

Review The Campaign Statistics

If you want to see all the details about how your campaigns are doing, then you can do that too! You can check if the emails were sent, opened, and if a link was clicked on (as long as the email client allows that).

Here’s how you access your review acquisition campaign stats inside the Reviews tab of Loclmark.

Open review acquisitions stats.

Step 1: Click on the title of the acquisitions title you’d like to view stats for.

View review acquisitions stats.

Item 2: This section shows the overall stats for your entire review acquisitions campaign. You can get an idea how successful the overall campaign is and how much your customers like your business.

Item 3: You can see individual stats here including if the user’s email was sent, opened, and clicked. You can also see if follow-ups were sent and if they left a review yet.

Item 4: Click the Responses tab to view the review responses from each user you sent a request to.

Item 5: Click the Add More Users button to add more users to the campaign.

Step 6: When you’re finished with the stats, click the All Acquisitions button to go back to all your acquisitions.

Now you can run a review acquisition campaign, add more users, and check on how your campaigns are doing. This will give you all the information you need to see how successful your business has been and keep new customers coming in.

Watch The Review Acquisition Campaign Setup Video

This video covers the topic of setting up an automated review acquisition campaign in order to get more online reviews for your business. Once you set it up, it’ll take care of the initial email, followups, customer management, and tracking every aspect of the campaign.

Last updated May 31, 2022

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