How To Set Up The Google Workspace Gmail App

Even though your new professional email may look like Gmail, it’s not. Everything is branded for your business and the fact that you’re using Gmail as the application is completely transparent to those you’re sending emails to.

You also get the benefit of using Google Workspace for your business email. It’s packed full of tons of business productivity features that will help you run your business. From Drive to Spaces you can do email and more to keep your business organized and professional looking.

Signing in to your new email is just like signing in to a Gmail account except you’ll use your fully branded business email address as your username.

There are two ways you can access your professional email from Google Workspace. You can access your Gmail from any computer in the world with an internet connection, or you can use the app. We’ll show you how to do both including setting up your Gmail app on your phone.

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Use Your Business Email On A Computer

Google Workspace is an amazing tool because you can access your email and all business applications from one place. That means you can sign in to your Gmail account from anywhere in the world and on any computer. Though we don’t recommend you sign in on a public computer (security issues!), you can do so.

Here’s how you can log into your Gmail account from any computer right from the Gmail website.

Google Workspace Gmail Desktop App Setup Step 1

Step 1: Type in your full business email address. This will have your domain in it also. For example, you might type

Step 2: Click Next.

Google Workspace Gmail Desktop App Setup Step 2

Step 3: Enter your email password.

Step 4: Click Next.

That’s it! You may have to verify security for your account depending on what level of security you’re using (two-factor authentication, etc.). After that, you will see your emails and be able to access all your other Google Workspace apps such as Drive, Calendar, etc.

Use Your Google Workspace Gmail Business Email On A Mobile Device

You need the Gmail app on your phone in order to use Google Workspace Gmail on your mobile device. Once you set up the Gmail app on your phone you’ll get alerts and be able to use your email from anywhere right from your smartphone.

Gmail Setup Instructions

You can set up Gmail on either iOS or Android devices. Both the applications look similar and function very similarly also. These instructions are done specifically on the iOS version of Gmail.

You must first download the Gmail app on your device.

Download The App

Before you can do anything, you will need to download the right Gmail app for your device. Just install the right app for your phone (iPhone or Android) and then you can proceed with setting up the app.

If you have this page open on your device then tap the right link below, and it’ll go right to the Gmail app download page on the respective app store.

Once the right app is installed, you’re ready to set it up!

Set Up The App

When you are setting up the Gmail app, you may need to choose what to give Gmail access to. This could be notifications (for new email alerts), the camera, or even the microphone for audio search. You can choose what you give Gmail access to.

Here’s how to set up the app at the most general level. Your experience may vary slightly.

Step 1: Click the Sign in button once you open the Gmail app.

Step 2: Tap Google from the list.

Note: You can also set up other email accounts in the Gmail app. These instructions only cover signing into your Google account in order to set up Gmail.

Step 3: Tap the Continue button to allow Gmail to sign into your Google account.

Step 4: Type in your full business email including your domain. For example, you might type

Step 5: Tap Next.

Step 6: Type in your email address password.

Step 7: Tap Next.

Step 8: Tap Close Gmail.

Note: You should see a notification at the bottom of this screen saying you signed into your email account.

That’s it! Gmail will be closed but just tap the app icon again, and it’ll open up with the following interface allowing you to access more than just your email.

Google is in the process of greatly improving the functionality of the Gmail account for Google Workspace business suers. That means you can also access Google Chat, Google Spaces, and even Google Meet right from within Gmail.

There are still separate apps for most of these but they’re adding some basic functionality so you can perform tasks seamlessly in the Gmail app.

Last updated October 21, 2021

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