9 Websites For Free Garage Door Business Marketing

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This article is packed full of websites that you can list your garage door business on for free. There are many garage door marketing ideas out there, but listing your business in these directories should be your first step.

If you list your garage door business on these directories and make sure your business information is accurate and consistent then you’ll have a good foundation for ranking in the most important places online. Google is the single most important, but since Google pulls information from many places, that makes all of these extremely important also.

Garage door digital marketing is important, which consists of first and foremost a great website. Second, list your business in important directories. And third, keep on getting fresh reviews to make sure you always have fresh content that search engines can find about your business.

We specialize in providing the local marketing tools that help you grow your garage door business. This local marketing strategy is the way to go to establish your garage door business online and continue growing even if you’re established.

Because our tools don’t cover absolutely every scenario, we like to provide extra resources like these to cover specific industries and directories. This list of the best websites and directories is perfect for marketing your garage door business for absolutely free.

The Websites You Should Market Your Garage Door Business On

Many of these directories are covered by our Loclmark tool, which helps you automate a lot of the local marketing tasks. It’s also a good idea to learn more about local marketing automation and how it will help you reach more directories and get more reviews.

Check out these directories and make sure your business is listed in these at a minimum. They will help establish your business website with valuable backlinks and help drive more customers towards your garage door business.

Google Business Profile

Every marketing strategy for every local business in the United States starts with Google. That’s why this is the #1 website for garage door marketing also. It’s essential to create the free Google Business Profile whether you have a physical location or you’re a service area business. Google is a directory that allows you to list your service area business, which your garage door business likely is.

Since there are several directories that are important, sometimes it’s helpful to use a local marketing automation tool like Loclmark to list and manage your garage door business on multiple websites at the same time. Your primary focus should always be your Google Business Profile, though.

Google Local Service Ads (not free)

These aren’t free, but they’re a great way to bring in more leads and only certain businesses qualify for them. Garage door businesses are ones that qualify for Google’s local service ads. You pay per lead who’s actually a lead rather than how many times you’re called or link clicked.


You’ll find a lot of Yelp top 10 lists in search results which is important for ranking. Search engines look to more than just their own information. They also look at your website and websites like Yelp for information about your business. Not only that, but a lot of people still use Yelp to find local garage door businesses.

Take a look at this search result in Google for garage door repair. After the service ads (top), text ads (second), and Google Maps (third), then comes the organic search results with Yelp in the second place. If you can get enough reviews on Yelp, you can also be listed on that page, which is a great place to be.

Google search results for garage door repair.

Apple Maps

Apple has their own directory of businesses that are searchable right from Apple Maps. And a lot of people have Apple Maps and use it too, myself included. It pulls some information from Yelp, but Apple is sourcing their own business information more and more. You can also use Loclmark to sync your business information to Apple Maps automatically.

Take a look below when someone pulls out their phone and searches for garage door repair. Your business can show up in the search results, and you’ll stand out on the map too.

Aple Maps search results for garage door repair.


Nextdoor is mostly a closed environment for neighbors, but it can potentially be a huge source for recommendations. Definitely take a few minutes to fully set up your Nextdoor business page fully. Once you get your page set up, introduce your business on Nextdoor and get your first few recommendations. Nextdoor also lets you ask for recommendations from anyone, including family. So, be sure to get as many recommendations as you can and continue to get them.

Neighbors trust neighbors, especially personal recommendations. It’s completely free also, so you might as well get your garage door business out there more.


Facebook isn’t just a social media network! People can search for local businesses on Facebook and you can post updates about your business, or not, it’s up to you. While Facebook isn’t the most important place you’ll get business, it’s a good idea to have your business page on there because it’s such a vast network.

It’s also helpful that customers can leave reviews which can establish you on Facebook even more. Important websites like Facebook can help establish your business authority online, so it’s always a good thing. Bing also will pull review information from Facebook so that’s a great benefit.

Bing Places

While Bing isn’t the biggest search engine online, it does have a healthy audience. Not only that, but other websites source their business information from Bing. That makes it pretty valuable. If you can get your business to rank in Bing then there’s a good chance they’ll bring you some customers and authority.


On its own, Expertise.com isn’t the most important place to list your business. But, the internet isn’t a silo’d place and Expertise.com does rank high in search results. That means search engines see it as a fairly important authority website. If your business information is on there then that must also mean your business is pretty important. So, make sure you list your business on Expertise.com for no cost.


This is one of those websites that used to be extremely important but now has fallen off somewhat. You may find it’s important in your city, but you may also find it’s not. The best recommendation is to do a search for your city and industry and see what’s on the first page. If you search garage door repair in your city, and it’s not, then you may want to skip this one if you’re short on time.


Again, this one might not be essential for you. It ranks high in some cities and not so much in others. But, some people use HomeAdvisor to find local businesses, so it might be worth it to list your business because it’s free.


This list of the best websites to market your garage door business for free will help get your business establish. Even if you’re established, they will help you build authority online if you haven’t created your profiles yet. It’s also helpful that they’re completely free.

There are hundreds of websites out there that you can market your garage door business on. Some are more valuable than others, but they will all contribute in some way. We also put together a list of the most important directories for service area businesses, which is a good place to go a bit further than this list.

Good garage door website design is also essential to marketing your business successfully. You can also get some ideas of the best garage door websites on the internet, so you can look professional and also get more customers.

It’s a lot of work to list your business on all these directories but in the end, they will help you get more customers if you do it right. Of course, part of the marketing process is to get reviews also. Our local marketing automation tool takes care of listing your business in many directories at once, but it also makes it a lot easier to set up review campaigns to make it easier to constantly get new reviews.

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