Many factors contribute to a local business website ranking well in search results. One factor is the sitemap which contributes to search engine optimization.

There are two types of sitemaps that can contribute to search optimization, though. The most common sitemap is an XML sitemap which you put into search engines so it can read your website and all the pages better. It's like a blueprint of your website to help search engines crawl it better.

The second type of sitemap, the HTML sitemap, is less common but still contributes to search optimization. Search engines will also crawl the HTML sitemap and it helps make sense of your website for human visitors.

Because people are who actually visits your website and who Google pays the most attention to, an HTML sitemap is still important to your website which is why we include one with every website we design.

An XML sitemap for submitting directly to search engines.
An HTML sitemap that people and search engines can use.
More optimization for your website to rank well.

Get A Website That Has Two Sitemaps To Rank Better In Search

If you're ready to get a website with two types of sitemaps that will help your website rank well in search engines, sign up now.

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