The 10 Best Yard Care Websites On The Internet In 2022

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Everybody wants a nice and tidy yard, but what do yard care websites say about the yard care service? If it’s a bad website, a good first impression is lacking. That’s now how a yard care service should start a business relationship.

The problem is, if you’re a yard care service and have a bad website, potential clients are likely to see it. More now than ever clients find who they’re going to do business with on the internet. That means making a great first impression on a website is essential.

Luckily, there are lots of good examples of amazing yard care websites. That and having an affordable yard care service website is pretty easy. In fact, it’s extremely affordable, and you don’t have to know how to do anything but tell about how awesome your business is and pick out or provide a few awesome pictures.

Take a look at this list of the 10 best yard care websites we found and get some idea about what others are doing. With a good idea of what’s awesome, then you know what direction you should go in. And we’ll surely help you out building an amazing yard care service website.

The 10 Best Yard Care Websites

We scoured the internet for yard care service websites in cities across the United States. We came up with a list of the best websites. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect, though. It’s nearly impossible to find the perfect website because some excel visually while lacking the required information a website should have.

Take a look at our list of the best of the best in no particular order.

Orchid Lawn Care – Sacramento, CA

Orchid Lawn Care Service Website - Sacramento, CA

This website is well laid out and catches your attention fast. Not only that, but for yard care service, video does lend itself to the website fairly well as long as it doesn’t slow it down too much (which it didn’t).

Videos can be done wrong more than they can be done right, but they got it right.Our biggest complaint is that it’s hard to tell where they service at the top of the website. On the internet, that’s not good because it raises doubt as to if they’re actually local.

Other than that, the phone number is obvious, it’s easy to get an estimate, and more information is at the user’s fingertips. This is a Sacramento, CA website that stands on its own and excels in the yard care services category.

Andrew’s Lawn & Snow – Twin Cities, MN

Andrew's Lawn and Snow - Twin Cities, MN

This website has a consistent and pleasing color scheme with vital information easy to find. From the calls to action to the information such as where they serve and what they do, the website superb. Everything is crystal clear and easy to find. The shades of green definitely fits the industry.

There’s not a lot they could have done better in creating one of the best lawn care websites on the internet.

Simply Lawn Care – Chicago, IL

Simply Lawn Care Website - Chicago, IL

We weren’t sure if this was one of those spammy websites that try to look like they’re local or not. It just looks too nice and professional. After a bit of review, we found it is authentic 100% Chicago, IL.

It’s absolutely beautiful in its simplicity. There is a bit lacking in its simplicity, but that’s somewhat forgivable. Where do they service? That’s nearly impossible to find. We’re also not sure how to call them, but we can chat with them! That’s a pretty good replacement.

Overall, the Simply Lawn Care website is pretty amazing looking. We loved it.

Organically Grown Lawn Service – Colorado Springs, CO

Organically Grown Lawn Service Website - Colorado Springs, CO

You can’t beat organic lawn care. Oh wait, you can beat it with an organically awesome website for a lawn care service that specializes in organic care. That’s what this Colorado Springs lawn care service does, and their website says so.

It’s a simple website, but it clearly communicates who they are, what they do, and how to reach them. What more could you want from a website? Well, maybe where they do what they do could be a bit more prominent but life’s a work in progress. Organically Grown Lawn Service’s website is well done, simple and effective at its purpose.

Loose Leaf Lawn Care – Tulsa, OK

Loose Leaf Lawn Care Website - Tulsa, OK

There were several runners-up for the Tulsa, OK spot for best lawn care service websites. This one came out ahead because it’s simple, communicates their message effectively, and makes it easy on the customer (or potential customers).

All the most important information is right up top, and it’s really easy to convert into a customer. There are several calls to action and a phone number or email address available at the top of all the pages. We just wish it was a professional email address that builds more trust rather than a free one.

Overall, a great job and a well-made lawn care service website.

Four Seasons Landscaping – Lancaster, NH

Four Seasons Landscaping Website, Lancaster, NH

It is simple and beautiful with lots of white space. That’s how we’d describe this website. Yes, it’s not technically a yard care website, but it’s part of the same industry and yes, they do lawn care. The design of the Four Seasons Landscaping website is amazingly simple, and it helps the right information stand out.

What do they do? It’s covered right up top. Where are they located? Their address is front and center, so you can be sure they cover Lancaster, NH and nearby. Overall this is a well-done website that has the right information, clearly presented, and customers won’t have any issue figuring out what to do.

Green Leaf Lawn Services – Fort Myers, FL

Green Leaf Lawn Care Solutions Website - Fort Myers, FL

While this website isn’t perfect on the messaging front, the simplicity and fit for their market is perfect. Not only that, if you have any questions there’s an operator available to answer them and even schedule service. Overall, this is a nice looking website.

Safari Lawn Care – Boise, ID

Safari Lawn Care Website - Boise, ID

What do they do, and where do they do it? Those are the two most important pieces of information for any local service website and that’s exactly what Safari Lawn Care answers front and center.

So, they definitely know what needs to be seen above the fold on a website, and it’s a breeze to give them a call or request a free estimate. It’s a great-looking website with a clear focus on their customers.

Optimal Turf Care – Nashville, TN

Optimal Turf Care Website - Nashville, TN

This website was built a little differently than most, but in a good way. It’s personable and has some of the most important information for a website. We just wish it had what city/area they served.

It’s nice that the website looks inviting, and it’s easy to request a quote and call, the two most important things for any yard care service website. Even though we had to figure out what city they were in, it’s overall a well-built website and looks extremely great, an example of an awesome website to build upon.

Red Shovel Landscape – Albuquerque, NM

Red Shovel Landscape Website - Albuquerque, NM

We saved our absolute favorite for last. The style behind this website is next to none, with all the personalized graphics for the website. The comic book style makes for a really personable website that definitely stands out from even the other amazing yard care websites.

From the first time we opened this website, we were in love. Yes, it probably cost them a pretty penny to have all the custom graphics made, but it was worth it. They stand out from the rest by leaps and bounds.


We went through a lot of yard care websites from around the United States. There were a lot more excellent yard care websites than we typically run across in other industries. That doesn’t mean there weren’t a lot of bad ones too, though. We found our fair share of yard care websites linking to a Google Business Site (a big no-no) and also those even worse off linking to a Facebook page (seriously!?)

Either way you look at it, these websites are well done. If you have a yard care business, then you should also have an amazing (and affordable) custom yard care service website.

Of course, there’s a lot more you should be doing to market your yard care service online which is why we have the tools for you at an affordable price. Our local small business marketing tools help you grow your yard care service online.

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