The 10 Best Veterinarian Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Veterinarian Websites On The Internet

You’ll find some amazing inspiration for creating effective and elegant veterinary websites in this list. These are the best websites in the United States and Canada after scouring the internet for cities with the best veterinarian website.

These veterinarians understand the importance of their website in order to grow their business and help customers find them online. We put these lists together because we know a website is one of the single most important marketing tools for a small local business to succeed in today’s modern mobile-driven markets.

Customers can not only find these well-made websites easier, but they also find them more trustworthy and can do what they need faster in order to get their pet taken care of faster.

An amazing website is one of the most important things you can invest in for your veterinary clinic. Get inspired by this list of the best veterinary websites on the internet in order to do something great yourself.

Be sure you’re also working with a great web designer in order to achieve the best. You don’t want a website that looks like everyone else’s because we guarantee when someone is looking for a vet, they’re looking at several and if your website looks like another vets then you’ll confuse customers, and they won’t find you, just someone that looks like you.

We saw plenty of cookie cutter veterinarian websites and that’s an automatic disqualification from the best veterinary websites list even if it looks good. You can’t stand out or make a top list when your website looks like someone else’s.

The 10 Best Veterinary Websites

It took us a long time, but we did it. We came up with a list of the best websites we could find on the internet in the United States and Canada. You’ll find some unique designs as well as some that simply pulled off everything that makes a good website.

So, check out these great websites and get some inspiration for how you can make your veterinary website the best it can be. With a great website, you’re sure to rank better and get more customers online with all the necessary features to help your website convert visitors to customers.

Valley Pet Care – Modesto, CA

Valley Pet Care - Modesto, CA

Simplicity at its best, this website does it right with a consistent and simple color scheme and important information right at the top. Whether a new customer or a returning customer is visiting this website, they won’t have a hard time finding what they need. They also kept the navigation simple and straightforward.

Everything about this website makes for a well ranking and converting website that is professional and helpful. Not to mention, they’re inclusive with accessibility features built right in.

Healing Hands – Twin Falls, ID

Healing Hands - Twin Falls, ID

This website has the right information for every type of visitor and the website looks amazing. It’s not just consistent-looking, but it also flows extremely well. There’s almost no breaks all the way down from one piece of content to the next, it just flows nicely with clear information that’s easy to see.

This website is a skimmers’ paradise which is exactly what every website needs to be. How many colors do you see at the top? I only see two which is perfect. It’s simple, easy on the eyes, and what are they trying to get you to do? Call! That means their primary goal is very likely to be performed by website visitors.

Palo Duro Animal Hospital – Amarillo, TX

Palo Duro Animal Hospital - Amarillo, TX

Animation on websites can get pretty dizzying, but this website does it well. Not only that but the website looks great too. Not only that but it’s built for conversion with the main call to action right in the hero section at the top of the website. Overall this is a great website and really fits the Amarillo lifestyle even though they’re based just outside Amarillo.

Crossroad Animal Clinic – Springfield, MO

Crossroad Animal Clinic - Springfield, MO

This website looks amazing, but the navigation is a bit sickening. I’d definitely do away with that, but the website otherwise looks great, so it’s overall a pretty great website. We like the simplicity of it and their phone number right at the top.

You can find what to do in order to contact them pretty easily with contact information in several places. The overall website is amazing, and it’s accessible too.

Doorstep DVM – Huntsville, AL

Doorstep DVM - Huntsville, AL

This is another website that we don’t care for the scrolling feature (or perhaps sick-making feature) but the overall look of the website is great. There could be a bit more calls to action but overall the site looks good. The color scheme is very straightforward and kind on the eyes.

We think even with some things missing this is a great website that can inspire even better things.

Westside Animal Hospital – Rochester, NY

Westside Animal Hospital - Rochester, NY

What isn’t to love about this website? It has absolutely everything you could want including easy contact information, important actions visitors might want to take such as scheduling an appointment or downloading forms. The best part? It has a video that’s helpful to introduce the business and offer a friendly face to potential customers while giving people the option of watching it rather than just an autoplay video.

This website has a great design and there’s a lot to be inspired from.

Spanish Trail Veterinary Hospital – Pensacola, FL

Spanish Trail Veterinary Hospital - Pensacola, FL

Is this one clear enough for you? We thought so with the bright, colorful buttons for important actions plus more you can easily get to. Overall this website is beautiful, has the right information, and people know exactly where they serve. This website might be the overall best website of them all in both form and function.

Healthy Paws Forward – Calgary, AB Canada

Healthy Paws Forward - Calgary, AB Canada

We ventured a bit into central Canada for this one and are we glad we did! The website looks great, has some good patterns on it that overall make for an amazing website. Also, no matter where you are on the website, it’s really easy to book an appointment. Our favorite part of the design is the simplicity of the color palette and the contrast the important parts of this website create.

Community Animal Hospital – Shrewsbury, MA

Community Animal Hospital - Shrewsbury, MA

We thought this website was unique. All the veterinarian websites are great, but this one really ties in some cool textures and even a leash! How cool is that tie in with the love for our pet friends and of course responsible pet owners. There’s a lot of white space on this one too which draws your attention to important parts of the website.

There are some great calls to action, important information is always at your fingertips, and the overall look of the website is pretty awesome and unique. It has conversion and beauty all rolled into one.

Erie Animal Hospital – Erie, PA

Erie Animal Hospital - Erie, PA

Just like our favorite pet friends, this website is playful and fun. Not only that, but important information like their phone number and appointments is easy to find. I think those colors came from the cute kittie which is an extra bonus, good color tie-in.

Erie didn’t let down with a great veterinarian website and easy to know where they serve right in the business name. Just below the fold are helpful links for new and returning customers too.

Wrap Up

There’s no denying that the internet is the most popular way for customers to find and do their research when finding a business. Whether they got a referral from a friend or a neighbor, the internet is where people turn to learn more information and verify the referral.

These veterinarians know how important their website is to ranking in searches and building trust with customers with a professional website. Websites are an extremely important factor for ranking on the internet not just in organic search results but business searches also. Not only that, but a unique and great looking website ensures you look professional and stand out from competitors.

We’d love working with your veterinary clinic to build you a great and affordable website that will be beautiful, trustworthy, and professional. Our process will ensure you end up with a website you’ll love and will rank well in your local area.

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