The 10 Best Restaurant Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Restaurant Websites On The Internet

Aside from making you hungry, these amazing restaurant websites should also inspire you. Maybe they’ll even give you some ideas about how you can improve your restaurant website. Each one has done a good job at building their website to drive more customers to their location.

Whether they make it easy to make a reservation or order for delivery, these websites did something right. We looked for restaurant websites that look great and above all, optimized their websites for conversion. That means more customers take action instead of getting lost in a poorly designed website.

You’ll find these restaurants know the importance of a great website to build trust with their customers. Websites are typically the first impression customers get. If it’s not a good first impression, trust is lost and hunger goes somewhere else.

Restaurant websites have two main goals: to make people hungry for more and get them to buy something yummy. That could mean making it easy for customers to reserve a table, order online, or maybe even get directions. The easier a website makes it for guests to get what they need, the more likely guests are to come visit and spend money.

That’s why we looked at the visual aesthetic of these restaurants paired with their conversion optimization. In other words, are their websites making people hungry with mouth watering food pics? And, do these websites make it easy for visitors to fill their tummy?

When it comes to the best restaurant websites, these are the things visitors want to accomplish the most.

  • See the menu
  • Order online
  • Make a reservation
  • See their hours

And that’s about it. Of course there are other things visitors might be looking for, but this should be the priority for most restaurant websites. You’ll find each one of these best restaurant websites covers these items and more. Some of them aren’t shy about making their phone number available too, which is great for those unanswered questions.

Now it’s time to get into the inspiration and ideas these best restaurant websites will give you. After you’ve reviewed these great restaurant websites, we can help you take your restaurant to the next level with an amazing (and affordable) restaurant website too.

Get inspired!

Best Restaurant Websites

For each of these best restaurant websites on the internet we laid out why they did a great job. Because not every website is perfect, we sometimes also point out things that could be improved.

Each website has a screenshot of the top of the home page as we saw it, plus a link to the original website. Sometimes websites change so if they change for the worse (or better), you can see the capture as we saw it. Over time, we review these top restaurant websites to make sure you’re always going to see the best of the best.


SEA Thai Bistro – Santa Rosa, CA

SEA Thai Bistro - Santa Rosa, CA

Aside from the yummy looking food in the background, the best part of this website is that visitors can make a reservation or order online right from the top. That means visitors don’t have to go far for the most necessary needs of a website. The website looks clean, tidy, and clear so finding what you need is always easy.

Their menu at the top of the screen also contains any extra info you might be looking for, including their menu, location, and more. Their website is clean and simple all the way to the bottom.

Coyne’s Restaurant & Bar – Eagle, ID

Coyne's Restaurant & Bar - Eagle, ID

You get a good feeling about this place from their website. It’s inviting, uncluttered, and an inviting place to have some food. That feeling can all be gathered from their website. While there’s not a lot at the top of the site, it’s enough to not overwhelm and invite you to scroll a bit more. And, one of the most important features of their website is an obvious call-to-action button at the top.

As you scroll down the page, actions visitors might want to take are nicely presented. You can access their menu, order takeout, and get more information about their location and hours. It’s all available on the home page, and you have to scan over important answers before you get to their phone number. So, in all likelihood, your question has already been answered by the time you get to the phone number. No need to call!

The Bestro – Rapid City, SD

The Bestro - Rapid City, SD

This one is another friendly website that gives you a taste of what to expect when you arrive. Without even scrolling you can see all the most important information including what they serve. I think I’ll go for some sweets. Just below what the screenshot above shows, you can also find their phone number and a button to order online.

This is such an efficient and convenient website that you hardly have to scroll. But, all the information doesn’t even clutter up the site. It’s clear, easy to see exactly what you need, and it looks nice too with good contrast. The Bestro website doesn’t overthink things, which makes for an overall pretty great website.

Freshwater Tavern – Gladstone, MI

Freshwater Tavern - Gladstone, MI

I get the feeling of water and being lakefront from this website. The photo and the shapes make it a nice looking website (if you’re on Chrome) and the information is all clearly presented. Whether you’re looking for the hours or menu, they’re right at the top and persistent as you scroll. There is lots of information and visuals too. Pictures of yummy food are always great, which they did well. Another important function of the website is to provide social proof. They got it! They’re showing off their Yelp and TripAdvisor ratings.

While this website is great, they forgot to check it on other browsers beside Chrome. That’s always a big mistake, even if the majority of web users are on Chrome. Failing to cater to all modern browsers hearkens back to the Internet Explorer days when Microsoft dictated how the web was going to look. Now it’s Google, though.

Max Burger – West Hartford, CT

Max Burger - West Hartford, CT

Max Burger definitely lives up to their name with the beautiful image showing off the yummy burger. Their website makes you want to run out and have a delicious burger right now. That thing needs support it’s so tall! The top of their website gets you in the mood, but the rest of it hits home with everything you need to get your burger.

You can order from their website, find their menu, get directions to food, and find their hours without going far. Everything you need is a quick scroll away after getting in the mood with MAX BURGER.

Macaroni’s – Philadelphia, PA

Macaroni's - Philadelphia, PA

There’s not really a reason a good restaurant website shouldn’t show off their best food in a high resolution photo. Well, they did it and it looks tasty. You can learn all about the restaurant and see some delicious pictures while you’re at it. I just wish there were a few more mouthwatering visuals.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a beautiful restaurant website. In fact, it takes the skill of restraint to do it. But, sometimes that can be the most difficult thing in design. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “more is better” when in fact that’s the opposite of the truth. Macaroni’s knows it because their website is simple, clean, and has everything visitors need to eat good food.

Bottom of the Stairs – Blacksburg, VA

Bottom of The Stairs - Blacksburg, VA

Meat, that’s what they got, and we’re liking it. Not that there’s anything wrong with Veganism if that’s your thing, it’s just not ours, and it’s definitely not for the Bottom of the Stairs. All the things you could want from this website are nicely laid out in the menu on either side of their logo.

Not only that, but the color palette is quite relaxing with a single, simple color that brings their brand together. As you scroll down the website, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with huge in your face images of meat. It’s kind of mouthwatering which makes you want to check out their menu and fire up an online order (which you can do with the persistent order now button).

Meat Boss – Mobile, AL

Meat Boss - Mobile, AL

Simplicity at its best with a video that makes you yearn for some delicious smells and tastes of BBQ. Yup, this website does a great job of boiling down everything to just the necessities. It gives you the sense that they know what they’re doing at that BBQ and gets your taste buds watering.

Everything you need at the Meat Boss is in the menu across the top, including ordering online and their menu. Or, maybe you just want some sauce. I love the simplicity of this website and the way they show you exactly what to expect when you get takeout. There could probably be a bit more contrast at some places on the website but overall, it’s really simple and does the job of a restaurant website well.

Salas Urban Cantina – Lawton, OK

Salas Urban Cantina - Lawton, OK

There’s nothing wrong with a colorful website with bold blocks of color with beautiful images interspersed throughout. It’s a style we like which is probably why this website is on the best restaurant website list. It breaks information up in blocks that are easy to scan, look amazing, and separate information well.

The only thing the website is missing is the ability to order online. That’s kind of important for ordering takeout, but I’m just not sure how to and ordering via phone isn’t the easiest task.

Stella’s – Lubbock, TX

Stella's - Lubbock, TX

Stella!! … Stella!! I’d like to reserve a table for two please. No need to call, just head to their website, and it couldn’t be easier to make a reservation. The website looks great as you scroll down too, including reviews from other happy, full customers.

Our only problem is that there’s some information about takeout, but then it disappears so fast I have no ideas what to do. How am I supposed to order takeout because I want some takeout from Texas! The photos of their food are pretty nice, though. A good photo from a professional photographer is always good for business and makes customers hungry to visit.

Wrap Up

If you’re hungry now, then you’re definitely not alone. Going through all the best restaurant websites made us starving. Yes, we ran into some bad websites or mediocre websites, but we found the best and our stomachs survived. Glad we didn’t have to try them all in one sitting!

If you feel inspired to take your restaurant website to the next level, we got you. Our affordable website plans are perfect for you, and we can likely integrate your POS into any part of it to let customers order takeout or make reservations.

Take these great restaurant websites as examples of the best. But, take it to the next level by using them as inspiration and a lesson that you can use to make an even better website. You’ll end up with a restaurant that’s well known, can be found online better, and easier for your customers to buy tasty food from you.

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