The 10 Best Real Estate Agency Websites On The Internet In 2022

Best Real Estate Agency Websites

Your real estate website is essential to driving more potential leads from your local area. A website is one of the most affordable ways to be found online and makes it easy for potential clients to find you. Without a website, you’re leaving your online marketing to chance and aren’t controlling your narrative online.

We’ve found a list of real estate companies who have done it right. By investing in their website, they’ve realized the benefit of having a professional website that helps market their real estate business non-stop. Not only do they make a great first impression, potential clients can learn about these companies and complete their research for the right real estate agent quicker and easier.

Our search for the best real estate website brought us all over the internet. We searched high and low in large cities and small towns to find the best of the best. Check out what other real estate companies are doing to make sure they’re taking advantage of the benefits of a professional real estate agency website.

10 Best Real Estate Agency Websites

Ready for our list of the top real estate websites on the internet? Here is what we found for best of the best which should give you an idea of how you’d like to present your real estate business online.

Moore Company Realty – Montgomery, AL

Moore Company Realty in Montgomery, AL

Moore Company Realty deals with commercial real estate, but they make that pretty obvious from their website. That’s great! You can’t help but know exactly who they serve, so there’s no confusion about what they do and if you should bother calling them.

The website not only makes it clear what they do, if they match your needs then it’s easy to contact them and view their listings. Their website accomplishes everything a great website needs to, and they look great while doing it.

Sprik Realty Group – Tulsa, OK

Sprik Realty Group in Tulsa, OK

Falling in love with your new home isn’t just about the home, it’s also about the experience. Sprik Realty Group does a great job setting the stage for an excellent experience right from the start on their website. If everything else looks right when you’re trying to find the right realtor, then their website will definitely seal the deal.

It’s not only elegant, it’s simple to navigate, find what you need, and see something you didn’t know you’d like too. Yes, they even have video that loads fast and fits the industry well given that real estate is extremely visual. This website couldn’t do any better for this realty company.

Park Co. Realtors – Fargo, ND

Park Co. Realtors in Fargo, ND

The Park Co. Realtors real estate website looks great and serves its purpose well. For anybody new, it’s easy to browse around and find houses they like. Another great option on this website is to chat, which is a great way to introduce new clients to the responsiveness of the company.

You can’t help but trust that your needs are in the right hands with a website that invokes trust and professionalism. They didn’t just roll out of bed and decide they were going to sell houses (there are some realty websites that look that way!)

Realty One Group Sterling – Omaha, NE

Realty One Group Starling in Omaha, NE

If you’re in the Omaha Nebraska area and need to buy a house, you can’t help but trust this company. The Realty One Group Sterling website is both professional and amazing. The simplicity of their website is great, given that they do more than just sell houses. The website makes it easy to find exactly what you need and learn more about the company too.

The Atwood Team – Baltimore, MD

The Atwood Team in Baltimore, MD

If you’re looking for a house in the Baltimore area then you’ll definitely want to head over to this website. It’s a pleasure to browse, and you really get a feel for the local community with the focus on Baltimore.

Users can easily get started looking for a home, selling a home, or just getting a valuation. That means they’ve covered all the initial contacts with clients, so they can find what they need and The Atwood Team can get a valuable lead fast.

CalNeva Realty – Carson City, NV

CalNeva Realty in Carson City, NV

There’s no better real estate website than one that makes it clear what they do and where they do it. Not only that but it’s great when that’s done with simplicity and professionalism. This website covers all those grounds because you know they serve Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Minden/Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, Fernley, and Dayton! Whew! That was a lot of areas.

Regardless of the large area they serve (yup, even beyond Carson City) it’s clear to all who visit their website. There’s also a nice local flare to the website that we loved. The goal is to create an effective local website and a good Carson City, NV affordable web design can help achieve that goal.

Epic Realty – Boise, ID

Epic Realty in Boise, ID

It’s not just the company that’s named Epic, they also have an epic website. The video on the website is video perfected, and it fits the industry extremely well. If their website doesn’t get you hyped to look at homes then I don’t know what will.

It’s not all about the video, though. The website looks beautiful and is simple to use. All the information you might need from a real estate agency is available and upfront. They’re a real estate agency for the modern age and their website shows it.

Just in case you haven’t had enough about Boise, ID we have a little more for you. This hasn’t happened before, but we had two websites in Boise that were so well-made we had to include them both.

The Andrea Pettitt Group – Boise, ID

The Andrea Pettitt Group in Boise, ID

This website isn’t as action-packed as the previous website, but it’s not always about action. The Pettitt Group website is elegant and aims for a different vibe. The website looks great and also makes it easy for visitors to do what they want to do.

Everything is front and center with contact information a click away plus prominent calls-to-action for visitors to take action and join the Pettitt Group in their home hunting or home selling adventure.

Element Real Estate – Burlington, VT

Element Real Estate in Burlington, VT

The Element Real Estate agency website is crisp and clean. That makes it simple to use and easy to get started for visitors. Not only that, but the image carousel is actually well done. It doesn’t take away from the website and fits the real estate industry well.

We’re in love with the simplicity of this website and how it makes it easy for visitors to learn about the company and get started with them.

Spowell Real Estate – Corpus Christi, TX

Spowell Real Estate in Corpus Christ, TX

If you’re not ready to move to Corpus Christi after visiting the Spowell Real Estate website, then you’re never moving. It not only makes it simple for visitors to find what they need but also makes you excited about the prospect of moving. You’ll find the vacationer lifestyle evident when the website loads, and it’s persistent all the way through.

The real estate market in Corpus Christi, TX is different from many housing markets, but Spowell captures the difference. It’s a vacation lifestyle with beautiful weather and beaches and that’s very evident from this website.


As you can see from the above 10 real estate agency websites, there are many great websites. We viewed hundreds of websites from all over the United States to find the best websites. It was an adventure with many good websites, many Facebook and Google Business Pages (still doing that!?) but among those that didn’t stand out we found the best.

The real estate companies who ranked well in search engines were often the ones with the best websites also. There’s a reason why they’re at the top. It’s because they make an amazing first impression, and know how to serve their clients at every level of the real estate process.

A professional and well-built website is an extremely important part of the marketing process for real estate agencies. We’d like to invite you to get some ideas from these websites and find out the importance of a professional website.

Real estate agency web design is extremely important to your marketing process, and we’d love the opportunity to build you a professional website that helps you get more clients.

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