The 10 Best Pet Groomer Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Pet Groomer Websites

We scoured the internet for the best pet groomer websites on the internet. There were a few places in the United States that were a challenge to find a good website while others we found right away or even had multiple good websites we had to choose from.

After a lot of searching and comparing, we put together a list of the best pet groomer websites. These businesses understand the importance of having a good online presence and a good website. That’s where people find businesses and a good website is important for getting found online.

If you’re looking for ideas to have a great pet groomer website, this list of the best will give you some ideas.

The Best Pet Groomer Websites

Ready to get into the best pet groomer websites on the internet? You’re bound to get some great ideas. We’ve also written a bit about why we liked each website and since no website is perfect, some things that can be improved.

Overall all these websites did a fantastic job with the design and most of them also did well on the conversion optimization side of things too.


City Pooch – Miami, FL

City Pooch - Miami, FL

This website uses a lot of white space to make the most important information stand out. Even the phone number stands out at the top without any contrasting background! It also has a simple and large navigation that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Overall this website is well coordinated from top to bottom with a beautifully simple color scheme.

As you scroll the motion effects are subtle but make the website really come to life. The imagery even blends well from one section to the other. You’ll find the perfect balance between aesthetic design and conversion optimization on this website.

The Clean Dog – Atlanta, GA

The Clean Dog - Atlanta, GA

The Clean Dog’s website is simplicity at its best. The visual design continues throughout the website which makes you want to continue scrolling down. Overall this website nailed the design and even has the necessary conversion options that stand out. It’s all about conversion and this website does well to help visiting customers do what they need fast and easy.

Pooches Paradise – Kansas City, MO

Pooches Paradise - Kansas City, MO

Video on websites is rarely good, but this one does it well. That’s because the video is simple, falls to the background, and doesn’t distract from the overall website. It’s a nice website that is also simple and visually attractive.

Pride n Joy – Colorado Springs, CO

Pride n Joy - Colorado Springs, CO

You’ll find everything you need on this website and in a simple and visually attractive package. While it’s not necessarily made for conversion, it does look nice. In fact, conversion optimization is the main place this website lacks, not the visuals themselves. It looks good, but I could see some visitors maybe leaving disappointed after not wanting to hunt for contact or booking information.

Biscuits – Tacoma, WA

Biscuits - Tacoma, WA

This isn’t the fanciest website, but it does the job well. It still looks amazing and also has a phone number available right at the top. The color consistency also helps make the website more visually appealing, especially how it ties into their overall brand colors. It’s also nice to know what you’re getting into when you go to visit which they make visible right from the start.

Jack and Rascals – Santa Fe, NM

Jack and Rascals - Santa Fe, NM

This website has to do more than just capture visitors for pet grooming. This place does a lot more, but they’ve pulled off their website well. It makes it easy to see exactly what they do in the navigation and the video is also helpful.

It shows you the location which is nice to know before you’re heading in. Overall the website, coloring, and overall presentation of information is great. It just needs a bit of help with conversion optimization to help people find what they need quickly.

Hometown Bed & Biscuits – Alexandria, VA

Hometown Bed & Biscuits - Alexandria, VA

What do you do if you have two different businesses rolled into one? I think Hometown did a pretty good job by dividing their website down the middle with the boarding and grooming on one side and on the other the vet clinic. The website looks good and functions well also. It’s easy to find information about the business and get this, they even cover accessibility!

Overall the website has a consistent look and accomplishes its goal well.

Claws and Paws – Syracuse, NY

Claws and Paws - Syracuse, NY

While this website isn’t our absolute favorite, it has its charm. You can easily access contact information and call to book an appointment. You can’t actually book an appointment directly on their website, so the main conversion button is a bit misleading, but at least it gets visitors where they need to be.

Overall there were some good aspects of this website which is why we chose it and some things it could improve. No website is perfect, though, but this one is well beyond being the best in its area.

Ruff & Tumble Salon – Hartford, CT

Ruff & Tumble Salon - Hartford, CT

This website is unique and awesome. The contact information (specifically the phone number) could be a bit larger but overall the website looks great. Not only that but it looks great all the way through. You can easily learn about them and contact them too. The simplicity of the website is pulled off well.

The modern and great looking website definitely gives you confidence in their business as well as the fact it has a modern look for modern dogs.

Old Town Dog Spa – St. George, UT

Old Town Dog Spa - St. George, UT

Most of the important information on this website is front and center. It looks great and the set an appointment button really stands out. This dog groomer website is great looking, and they’re giving St. George, UT website design a good name. The consistent and simple color scheme definitely helps draw your eye to important information.

Our only gripe? It’s difficult to know where they serve unless you browse to the bottom of their website. I’m pretty sure a customer from New York isn’t going to travel all that way to visit them. Also, phone number or at least an email? It’s there, you just have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Wrap Up

A good website can really make or break a pet groomer business. The website is a huge contributing factor to ranking everywhere else online, including in Google search results in maps and elsewhere. Not only that, your website is listed in those places and where potential customers go to research your business.

These great websites know how important it is to have a great website, and we do too. That’s why we can build you an amazing pet groomer website that looks amazing and converts visitors into customers like a champ. Check out our affordable website plans and see how you can be on the road to a successful pet groomer business in no time with a professional website that’s sure to get you more customers.

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