The 10 Best Personal Trainer Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Personal Trainer Websites On The Internet

Personal trainers are in growing demand and searches for them are also growing. No industry grows through the roof, but constant interest even with the slightest growth is a great thing. And the best personal trainers know that their website is their first impression and who they are to potential customers.

This list of the best personal trainer website will give you some inspiration to get your career off the ground and looking great online. That’s going to help you get ranked better in searches, look better to potential clients, and just all around help you market your business better online.

A good website designer can help make your personal trainer business come to life online and help you get ranked in searches better. So, not only is interest in personal trainers growing, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the industry will grow much faster than the average, 39% growth!

Starting a personal training business or anything fitness related is bound to be a success if you work hard and make the right choices. Not only that, but what could be more fulfilling than helping people get fit and pump some iron while doing it?

The Best Personal Trainer Websites

Ready to see some of the best personal trainer websites on the internet? Use these to get inspired and have something amazing built for your own business. It will help you grow and this is the right place to start.

Be sure you use these as inspiration only. You don’t want a website that looks like someone else’s because there’s nothing worse than blending in with other personal trainers when you’re trying to set yourself apart. A professional, optimized, and functional website will help you do that.

Generation Fit – Clearwater, FL

Generation Fit - Clearwater, FL

You can’t go wrong with a raw, uncut website that inspires strength and power. From this website’s bold text, clear message, and simple strength, you can’t go wrong. It’s also really easy for visitors to know what to do. The main goals are for visitors to either schedule an intro class or call.

Both calls to action are easy to access and highly visible. The website looks amazing and all the most important information is available without even scrolling.

Mobilize Fitness – Memphis, TN

Mobilize Fitness - Memphis, TN

Whoa is all we can say with this one. It’s such a unique website that communicates a clear and bold message. The reverse contrast is an amazing tactic also. It’s not every day you have a nearly full color tint website with contrast in calls to action created by lack of color. It works surprisingly well, though, and drives visitors to the action the owner wants visitors to take.

Every part of this website is simple and beautiful with nearly everything a good website should have. The only thing we find missing is where they serve. We know it’s Memphis, but a visitor might not.

Fit Revolution – Naperville, IL

Fit Revolution - Naperville, IL

This website balances simplicity with clear messages and functionality. Their main goal is to get visitors to learn more about their personal trainers, and it does just that. They just need to make it a bit more clear where they serve, but overall the website is well-built. You can almost feel the trainer pushing you to do better in the imagery.

Sandbothe Strong – Portland, OR

Sandbothe Strong - Portland, OR

Superman! Er wait, Sandbothe Strong which is just as good, especially when you have a bold website that communicates extremely clearly and has a simple and effective call to action. The website even tells people where they serve without compromising on the look of the website one bit.

This website is dark and gritty with a flow that makes you want to work your arse off and do great things. You’ll find some great messaging on this website and clear information provided in a clear, skimmable format that you can’t help but love.

Five Star Sports Performance – Las Vegas, NV

Five Star Sports Performance - Las Vegas, NV

These personal trainers are highly specialized, and their website makes that known. It’s easy to get started with a session and learn more about them. Their website looks great all the way to the bottom. It’s just kind of hidden where they’re located, but otherwise, this website is perfectly bold and beautiful.

Boxing Is For Girls – Salt Lake City, UT

Boxing Is For Girls - Salt Lake City, UT

Just the name is pretty creative, and we love it. The name flows well with the imagery and the message is fun, fitness, and passion for boxing. That alone makes this website great because they do a good job communicating what to expect. You may have to hunt a bit for where they serve, but it’s worth it. The website is great looking, though, we just wish it had a bit more in the call to action department.

A few minor improvements would make this website perfection. For now, though, it’s still one of the best personal trainer websites because it looks so great and the messaging is so clear.

Hyperactif – Quebec City, QC Canada

Hyperactif - Quebec City, QC Canada

Even in French, you know exactly what to do with this website. Click the big green button! We ventured into Canada to find this one, and we’re glad we did. They must really like green! Luckily, it worked out well for the website and looks great. They also made sure important actions for visitors to take are right up front.

Ryan Vivar Fitness – Oklahoma City, OK

Ryan Vivar Fitness - Oklahoma City, OK

This website is very professional while still looking great. It’s clear what they do (personal training) and where they do it (Oklahoma City). Overall, this is a great website and has an irresistible call to action. All their contact information is available right along the top too in case the call to action isn’t what you’re looking for.

It’s great to have a main call to action for new clients while also having the information current clients want. This website pulls them both off in a way that looks great and is easy to look at too.

Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios – Norfolk, VA

Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios - Norfolk, VA

This is another professional website that has a clear call to action as well as important information about their business. While it’s not as obvious where you can find them, it’s still there, which is good enough. It’s also extremely easy to get in touch with an email tab that scrolls with the window.

Overall, this is a great website that’s simple, professional, and effective.

Shawn Phillips – Los Angeles, CA

Shawn Phillips - Los Angeles, CA

LA is the fitness capital of the world with all those movie stars and such preparing for their next movie. Of course, it’s also full of people who really care about their health. You can tell with the number of personal trainers and the number who also have a great website.

This one beat out all the others with animations that weren’t overbearing but effective in telling their story. The orange theme works well with the negative contrast given that the entire website is colorful, but the call to action is not.

It’s still obvious what to do and how to work with Shawn. You know you want to after checking out this website.

Wrap Up

Each one of these websites is unique in their own way. Given that they’re built well and look great means they’ll likely do their job well to convert visitors into clients. Looks aren’t everything, though, which is why a website has to be built to rank in local searches as well as for conversion.

This list does most of these things right, which makes them some of the best professional trainer websites on the internet. Use these as inspiration, so you can take them back to your own business and do better online.

Working with a good web designer is key, though, and we specialize in affordable website design for local small businesses. That means we can help your professional training business take it to the next level online. We’d love to learn about your business and build you an amazing website that will help you get more customers online.

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