The 10 Best Optometry Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Optometry Websites On The Internet

If you can’t see how awesome some of these websites are from local optometrists, maybe you need some glasses from them. Even if they’re not all your cup of tea, you’ll still be provided with inspiration.

We’ll provide you with information on why we chose each one, so you know what was done well. It’s also important to look at what could be done better, though, so we’ll of course provide some insights into that as well.

You’ll get good insights into what makes these the best optometry websites on the internet. It will give you a good starting place for building your own amazing optometry website or knowing what you want when working with a good local small business web designer.

Our goal is to provide you with a starting point for building something amazing that will get found online, build trust with potential patients, and convert visitors to your optometry website easily and seamlessly. A website can either make or break your online marketing efforts. Everything in online marketing leads back to your website, from your Google Business Profile to your TikTok profile.

We scoured the United States from top to bottom to find these amazing optometry websites. The hard work is over; it’s ready for you to browse only the best websites to gain insights and inspiration. If after browsing these top optometry websites you’re still at a loss where to start with your website, schedule a free consultation to ask us any question you’d like about our service or not.

Are you ready to get down into the list of the best optometry websites? Scroll through the list to see what fancies your taste and be sure to read about what makes each one good as well as what can be improved to take these to the next level.

Even the best are not perfect. There’s always room for improvement.

The Best Optometry Websites

Ready to get into the best optometry websites on the internet? Each one has its own merits and negatives. But, we’ll lay out exactly what was done right and what can be improved. These are great websites visually and should give you some unique inspiration for your own web design.

Let’s go!

Battle Born Eye Care – Reno, NV

Battle Born Eye Care - Reno, NV

Sometimes incorporating an image of the office doesn’t translate well in web design. In this case, it definitely does with a nice fade into the header. Not only that, but there are two major calls to action at the top and one even duplicated. That makes it easy for patients to schedule an appointment or call, whichever they prefer.

Not only is it conversion oriented, this website has a clear and simple navigation and important information such as where they serve right up top. As you scroll down the page, information is presented clearly with imagery integrated into the design, so the entire website is seamless. There’s absolutely no break between text and imagery; it’s a beautiful blend of seamlessness all the way to the bottom.

In case the website content isn’t available to everyone, they have website accessibility built right in which is extremely important for every small business. There isn’t a lot that needs to be fixed on this website: it’s well-built and has important information and conversion options throughout.

Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates Optometry – Reno, NV

Dr. Jennifer L. Shane & Associates Optometry - Reno, NV

You’ll find a beautiful coordination with the color palette of this website. Not to mention, the images are well-chosen and make the website attractive with text that’s skimmable. While our screenshot didn’t capture it all, there are some excellent calls-to-action at the top. You can either choose to call them, book an appointment, and more right from the top.

Reno was representing some great optometry websites which is why we ended up with two from there. You’ll find a bit of separation between imagery and text, but oftentimes that’s not a big deal; seamless integrations between the two just adds a new wow factor. Everything is there on this website that makes a statement about the business and builds trust before patients even walk through the doors.

Sterling Vision – Eugene, OR

Sterling Vision - Eugene, OR

Sterling Vision’s website is nothing less than simplicity and functionality ftw (for the win). There’s one major call to action along the top and as you scroll, the phone number appears too. The color palette is gentle and pleasing with unique icons that fit the overall style.

This optometry website is excellent because it really gives you a friendly vibe with large, vibrant pictures of smiling people with glasses and those without. It says something about their services without explicitly saying it. Since they have multiple locations, you can easily find information about each one through the easily accessible tabs or right from the main navigation.

The half-baked accessibility features are a bit deceiving, though. Our only option was to make the text bigger or smaller, that doesn’t even scratch the surface for website accessibility.

Stratton Eyes – Lexington, KY

Stratton Eyes - Lexington, KY

The top of this website isn’t super amazing but as you scroll you’ll see why it’s the best. There is a great call to action and information at the top, though, which they nailed perfectly. Who are they? Where do they serve? Those questions are all answered with a great call-to-action to book an appointment.

You’ll find that a consistent color palette lends consistently and pleasing visuals to the website. There are many sections with solid color blocks that are visually stunning and make information stand out. The custom icons are also a great touch which make the website unique and more professional than if it used generic icons.

Acuity Eyecare – Salem, NH

Acuity Eyecare - Salem, NH

The best part of this website happens at the top, but it’s enough to make the website easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. You’ll also find a well-coordinated color scheme that helps separate information and make it easier to find. The two major calls-to-action to call or make an appointment are excellent and extremely visible.

Carofano Opticians – New Haven, CT

Carofano Opticians - New Haven, CT

Blocks. This website is built on picture blocks, color blocks, and a consistent and pleasing color palette. The imagery backed with color and subtle animation make this website great. It has a clear action for visitors to take, and the navigation is more simple than most optometry websites, which is great.

It’s rare that a one-page website is sufficient, but this one definitely has the necessities. While it could have been built out for potential patients looking for more info about them (insurance info for one), it still looks great and has the most sought-after info. It helps that the look of the website is so well done with nothing too brash, annoying, or in your face. Did we say the subtle animations are awesome? The images even fade as you scroll! How cool is that?

The Eye Center – Huntsville, AL

The Eye Center - Huntsville, AL

What makes this website stand out the most is the colorful buttons and blocks of information. Each important piece of information is colorful and stands out on the page, making it easy for patients and leads to find what they’re looking for. It’s also helpful that there are videos provided for each major topic. This provides important details that are helpful for website visitors and are more captivating than reading text about something. Optometry is somewhat of a visual science, so it kind of makes sense they’d use videos.

Overall this is a well-built website that provides a lot of information in a short website. There are some visuals that are a bit off, such as button sizes, but that’s all minor in the scheme of what they did right to make it one among the best optometry websites.

EyeCare Partners – Pella, IA

EyeCare Partners - Pella, IA

You can’t argue with a persistent call-to-action that follows you as you scroll down. It’s always there! The navigation is also very helpful, being so simple and easy to find what you’re looking for. There are no overwhelming 10 items on the menu, which means less hunting, more doing. It is a mostly one-page website, but there are a few additional pages with more info. The simplicity has led to some important information being left out, though.

The color scheme is consistent and helps make the text stand out with blocks of color. I want to keep scrolling and then book an appointment with them. Overall this is a simple website that has made it an excellent looking and easy-to-navigating website. It has led to a bit of info missing, though.

Fairmount Eye Care – Grand Junction, CO

Fairmount Eye Care - Grand Junction, CO

I know we said the colors of many other websites were great. They were, but this one definitely takes the cake for an amazing and bold color scheme. Right from the top, the most important information about them is available, including their phone number where people can schedule appointments. Your attention is guided around this website well with the orange plus big smiling happy face.

The choice of bold colors really makes this website stand out. It’s not too complex, and after you start scrolling there’s little to it. That’s okay, though, because it’s scannable, the necessary info is available, and there are splashes of color and texture to keep you going. Then there’s the full accessibility options, which are great. Though they’re not as comprehensive as accessiBe’s accessibility widget, it’s still good enough for full coverage for all accessibility requirements.

Clarity Eyecare – Baltimore, MD

Clarity Eyecare - Baltimore, MD

There’s a lot to love about this website with its plentiful information provided in an easy-to-consume way plus beautiful visuals. The overall style of this website is consistent and sophisticated with frame brands available to look at on the website. You can even get a tour of inside the office with their virtual tour!

It’s a breeze to schedule an appointment with their online booking features that allow you to choose the service, provider, date, time, etc. all in one easy process. The website never lets down even as you scroll down with nice visuals as well as topics organized and easily clickable for more information. Overall this website has it all: from great conversion options to a consistent look and feel.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve seen the best optometry websites on the internet, do you feel inspired? Take some lessons from these websites on what you can do to have a great optometry website, just don’t copy them, they won’t like that, and it doesn’t make you look great either. That’s why we hate websites that use templates which are used by everyone else.

The visual appeal of your website is important, but it also needs to have important pieces of information for every website. If you’re working with a web designer, make sure they include everything your optometry practice needs for a great website. It’s essential to get found in searches and also gain trust with visitors.

Our main focus is affordable web design for local small businesses, including optometrists. It’s important to have a great online presence, which starts with your website. Social media is great, and important, but you don’t own it, and it can change at any time.

These best optometry websites will give you some ideas on how you can have a successful website also. Use them for ideas and as a starting point for your journey to be found online with a spectacular website that builds trust in your patients.

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