The 10 Best Nail Salon Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Nail Salon Websites On The Internet

Just like well-done nails speak volumes for your own person, a nail salon website speaks volumes. I wouldn’t trust my nails with a nail salon that has an ugly website (or no website at all!)

An overall aesthetic of a business also speaks to the quality of work they do and how much they care about what they’re doing. That’s why these awesome nail salon websites definitely prove these nail salons love what they do, represent themselves well, and are the real deal.

This list of the best nail salon websites on the internet will give you inspiration for your own website. It’s a great place to start in order to make sure your nail salon business starts with the right website that will lead to more business and a great first impression.

We scoured hundreds and thousands of nail salon websites in the United States to find the best of the best. There were lots of Facebook pages, poorly built websites, and even lots of website spam, but we came out with this list of great websites. These nail salons made the effort or investment to create the best website they could.

Having a great website means they look amazing online as well as rank well in searches. It’s a win-win for them with a nail salon that is easy to find online and makes it easy for customers to do business with them.

Browse through this list of the best websites we found, get inspired, and then take your nail salon to the next level with an amazing and affordable website that we can build for you and even allow your customers to book you instantly online.

The Best Nail Salon Websites On The Internet

Ready to get inspired by the best nail salon websites on the internet? Check out this list we put together and get the inspiration you need to put your nail salon on the map with an amazing website.

We specialize in building local small business websites that rank in local searches and make you look amazing. Get inspired from this list, then check out our website plans to see what we can do for your nail salon and put you on the map of amazing websites too.

Exclusive Spa – Santa Rosa, CA

Exclusive Spa - Santa Rosa, CA

Each section of this website flows into the next seamlessly and beautifully. While they don’t just do nails, their website was just too good to pass up. The call-to-action is unmissable, which is ideal for every website. And, the entire look of the website is well put together with a seamless look that flows throughout.

Their story definitely comes to life with their website. You can’t deny that this website was put together with thought and intention for conversion and emotional connection.

Shine Salon + Spa – Sparks, NV

Shine Salon + Spa - Sparks, NV

This website is simple, clean, and has a seamless design from top to bottom. What makes it even more unique is how they used the logo imagery throughout the website. It absolutely looks superb!

As if the simplicity of it isn’t enough, it’s easy to book them online or just learn more about their services. This one is also a full-service salon, but their website makes it simple to see exactly what they do, including nails.

Rootz Salon + Spa – Casper, WY

Rootz Salon + Spa - Casper, WY

Rootz is focused on a simple color scheme and imagery, exactly as a salon and spa should. The website also creates a lot of dimension by laying the header and other elements on visibly different layers. As you scroll down, you can see beautiful stones layered over the top of one section that also flows over the top of other imagery.

Overall this website provides amazing visual stimulation and gives you confidence that they know how to take care of your physical appearance too. Even though this isn’t strictly a nail salon, the website was so amazing, and we were surprised to see such a multidimensional, modern website in such a small state. Typically, we don’t find a lot invested in websites in small towns, but this is definitely an exception. In fact, it’s one of the best websites we saw during our search in nearly all industries.

It’s a true masterpiece of web design.

Elegant Nails – Santa Fe, NM

Elegant Nails - Santa Fe, NM

This website is extremely simple, but that also makes it clear and easy to use. There are some improvements that could be made overall, but it has the framework that makes it a great website still. The colors are simple, the message clear, and the font choice is easy enough to read while giving it a unique look overall.

Lush Nail Lounge – El Paso, TX

Lush Nail Lounge - El Paso, TX

While there’s a lot going on and many colors, this website comes together as both unique and cohesive. While it could have used a bit more effort on the conversion effort, it’s still a great website with a unique and classy look. The attention to visuals throughout gives you confidence that they’re going to do a good job for you.

A nail salon website that gives good examples of their work throughout is a good website. One that does that while blending their work into the overall look of the website is amazing.

Vintage Nail Bar – Charlotte, NC

Vintage Nail Bar - Charlotte, NC

Back to the roots of nail art, this website is simple yet effective. Because there are two locations, their website tells the story of their brand followed by a well put together gallery of their work then an easy way to make an appointment at either of their two locations. That’s a good flow for the website and an overall simple yet effective website.

Ocean Nails & Bar – Baton Rouge, LA

Ocean Nails & Bar - Baton Rouge, LA

We loved the way this website was easy on our eyes and had a seamless theme throughout. It’s all about the ocean and the beautiful blues, showing off all the work they’ve done to make people feel beautiful. Not to mention, they want to qualify visitors who are looking for the right service and then booking is a cinch.

Their call to action game is #1 with a booking link available in the main navigation as well as attached to the side of the screen at all times. That makes it plain simple to book an appointment at any time. It’s easy to see their services, the costs, and all in one place.

Adina Skin Care & Day Spa – Bedford, NH

Adina Skin Care & Day Spa - Bedford, NH

This website has some beautiful layering and the simplicity makes it easy to find what you need. There could have been a bit more ways for visitors to convert, but the look was there. It seems the website was created mainly to show what they can do but not to actually convert interested leads into customers. That may be the intention, but any way you look at it, the simplicity of the website is evident and makes the website beautiful and builds trust in their abilities.

Grandview Nail Spa – Columbus, OH

Grandview Nail Spa - Columbus, OH

This website is overall beautiful and well-made even though some things call out template. We had to overlook that because even though we know Wix (yes it was built with Wix) has some extreme web design limitations, with a good designer that at a minimum knows how to modify a template right, even a Wix website can look good. We aren’t going to go into SEO, though, because Wix suffers there.

Overall this website flows well, has dimension, and gives you an overall relaxed feel with easy ways to convert through either chat or booking directly on the site. The color scheme is relaxing, simple, and pleasing to the eye. Overall a great website or at least someone who at least did a good job modifying a Wix template. That in itself can be a huge challenge because it’s not as easy as they say it is.

Paradise Nails Bar – Wilmington, DE

Paradise Nails Bar - Wilmington, DE

The design of this website was one of our favorites (well, second favorite to be precise) and has a great color scheme with a nice information flow also. One major concern is that this website isn’t secure, but that’s slightly beyond the scope of best nail salon website. Overall the look of this website is beautiful, gives you trust in their business, and makes it easy to book.

The website accomplishes the most important things a website can and does it in one cohesive, beautiful package. Hopefully they live up to their website, that can always be the biggest challenge.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you’re now inspired by these amazing nail salon websites that are both amazing and beautiful. Altogether they are the best nail salon websites on the internet and should give you ideas of what to do for your own website.

Even though these are examples of great websites, none of them are absolutely perfect. Even the best website can always improve which is why we always say a website is never done. That’s one of the main reasons why every website we build also comes with unlimited minor changes, so you can keep making those important changes that are small but necessary to keep your website updated.

If you’re ready to take your nail salon to the next level with an amazing website like these, check out our affordable website plans, so we can build you an amazing nail salon website too. If you have any additional questions, we’re always available to schedule a free consultation call.

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